I had the privilege of meeting Miss Young ...  I also had the honor of meeting Joe DiMaggio a few years ago and I put Miss Young and him in the same class.  They have exactly
that, "class".  You just don't see much of that anymore.
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Miss Loretta Young is an insprising actress I am only 11 years old but I watched a biography thing on her and she seemed like a very beautiful lady. And I think that her kids are proud of her mother because she had done tv shows over 100 movies I hear like "The Bishops Wife" I had seem that the other day and her acting in the movie was like no other acting I had ever saw and Loretta Young even though I don't know much about u I think that you are an inspiring lady that one day I would like to be just like. And that Biography I watched on you was very inspiring to me you had to take care of your business and take care of your kids and you were one of th emost beautiful laty's I had ever seen thanks


I can remember running home school from at lunch time to watch her great show. Of course besides the great lady herself my special interest in her was the fact that my father named me after her. I still love to the light in people's eyes when they recognize the name.

A fan forever
Loretta M. Young

i always thought that if i looked in the dictionary under the word lady there would be a picture of loretta young

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