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Photo on the left from the collection of Salvador Iglesias, Jr.

I was very young and remember her well. Today when movie stars look like messes when you see them in public---------ugly-------and their lives are even worse-------she ------Loretta Young had a true vocation. She was a lovely credit to her Catholic faith. Her flaws made her seem more like the rest of us. She had struggles but she overcame them. Thanks for your writings about her.


To Whom It May Concern, Growing up watching the Movies I was another one who like Loretta Young, Thought she was such a lovely lady. Want to share with the website ... My Late Aunt whom was the mother of Pete Marshall and the late Joann Dru was a friend of Loretta Young as I was told by my late Grandmother. Just wanted to share that information .


I was so saddened to hear of her loss and angered that not much of a tribute to her was done by the media. She was a great lady on and off the screen. I live in Phoenix AZ and in 1971-72 was working at St Joseph's ( Catholic) hospital. I had the great pleasure of seeing Loretta Young in the cafeteria one day there. I will never forget that day. When I was a young girl I had always admired and envied her great beauty when I watched her in movies with my mother. I wanted so bad that day to speak to her but is all I could do is sit there and stare at her. I was told she came there quite often and did a lot with orphaned children her in Phoenix.
I always enjoyed seeing Ms. Young's movies and TV show. She was always the epitome of beauty, grace and high morals. I catch her movies whenever I can and especially enjoyed the TV movie in which she played the "matriarch" of a magazine some 10-12 years ago. As always, she was a beautiful lady!

If I can't find one of her movies on TV, I enjoy my set of videos of "The Loretta Young Show." It's a shame that today's movies, both theater and TV, have gone the way of nudity and crude language...I rarely go to movies anymore because of that....just to enjoy something with my grandchildren. When I came along (I'm 66), sex and language was not explicit...it was an age of romance with beautiful music. I miss it!!


You are my very favorite actress and I have missed seeing you in new projects. You are the epitome of femininity, grace and beauty. Thank you for sharing your many talents and stunning beauty with us. Your elegance, genility, and your refinement have no match. I stand in awe and admiration of your contribution to the arts. I ask special blessings from God for you and that He will keep you in the palm of His Hand.

Sincerely, Lynda

It would be nice if Loretta Young could or did read these things. How does one thank another for putting so much beauty and grace into the world ? I am 54 and grew up on Loretta Young movies and the Loretta Young show. MY-I can still see her swoosh through the door !!

Thank you for the smiles and the memories Ms. Young---you made all of our lives better.

la verne

I am one of your many fans and I shall never forger the quality of your acting in the many movies of yours which I have been fortunate to see. I am in my late thirties, but I watch your movies on AMC whenever I can and I can truly say that you are my favorite actress.

Recently, I saw you in a movie with Alan Ladd in which he plays a doctor and you were a wealthy, but hearing impaired, patient. (The name of the movie does not come to mind now--I am too excitied about finding your website and I have never written a fan letter before. ) Anyway, you looked so lovely in that movie and your clothes were just beautiful. It does make one wish for the elegance and the beauty of the past.

You are still so truly lovely and I was taken aback by the beauty of your photo in Vanity Fair in last year's issue.

Belated best Wishes on your recent birthday from one fan who is still touched by your screen presence. Best Regards from Washington, DC!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Loretta Young and her family from two of her favorite admirers.

Pat & Charlie Veith

Your website is wonderful. Ms. Young is such a lovely and gracious lady, thank you for the wonderful tributes. I especially enjoyed reading about her strong faith in God, and her belief in the power of prayer. It truly inspired me to look to Him more in my own life. Please tell her hello from me, and let her know how much her life has meant to all of us who are her fans.
Your website is wonderful. Ms. Young is such a lovely and gracious lady, thank you for the wonderful tributes. I especially enjoyed reading about her strong faith in God, and her belief in the power of prayer. It truly inspired me to look to Him more in my own life. Please tell her hello from me, and let her know how much her life has meant to all of us who are her fans.
This lady is one of my favorite actresses. I love all her movies. As a Catholic I look up to her because of her good character and the way she did her shows in good ways. God bless her.
It's funny the things you remember as a young person growing up...I grew up in a small town that did not get television until the mid fifties.....I remember my family purchased the first TV in town.....We all gathered around the set to watch the Loretta Young Show.....I remember a program where Ms. Young portrayed a woman that had some type of illness that caused her to drive a 1955 Cadillac convertible ( I think), wildly around curves stopping at a bar (I think it was because of blurred vision) and that's all I can remember......I wish I could remember more and find out the ending....I am new to using the internet but I have learned so much about previous movies of Ms. Young that I purchased several videos of her work..........This is my first attempt to communicate to other fans of Ms. Young....I really don't know if this message goes to Ms. Young or fans but I would like her and her fans I have been very impressed with all her work and continue to gather more videos........
My Aunt was a maid for Loretta Young. She told me how nice she was to work for and how beautiful she is inside and out. My Aunt passed away on December 20, 1999. At the family gathering the conversation went to her past and Ms. Young was spoken about. There was nothing but compliments about Ms. Young and her family. Thank You Ms. Young for the way you treated my aunt I will always be a fan of yours.
Another Generation of your fans,


The elegant lady, Loretta Young, waltzed into our living rooms and taught all the little girls in her audience "How to be ladies", like her. God bless.


I must have told this story a million times to my children and now I tell it to my grandchildren. I would watch Miss Young every Sunday Night at 10:00, every story was a story, not like today. One of her shows stood out amoung the rest, at least to me. It was about a farmer and his wife trying to keep their farm. They worked so hard but never achieved anything, the children wasn't washed, the house wasn't clean because the wife had to go out in the field and pick tomatoes. One day a woman stopped by to buy some tomatoes from the farmer's wife and the woman told her a little story about not so much picking tomatoes for her husband but to try and keep her family together. The next day, the wife instead of going into the field, she decided to clean her house, wash and feed her children and prepare a good meal for her husband, That night the loan officer from the bank stopped by because he was going to foreclose on their farm. But when he saw everything in order, the children, the house, he extended their loan to the surprise of her husband. To this day, I think of that story and tell it every chance I get. You see, I am one of eight children and with all those children it was very hard for my mother to keep the house in order, but we always had a good meal on the table and clean clothes to wear. Because of that story, my husband, children and my home has and always will be my first priority. I have always kept a clean house and it's all because of Miss Young. I never failed to watch her every Sunday night. Miss Young you are missed!!!!!!! I wish my children and grandchildren had someone like you to admire, the way I did. You were the woman I wanted to be when I grew up. Thank You for all the wonderful movies. All the movies you starred in were just wonderful. I wish they would rerun your Sunday Night show, that would be wonderful! I'll never forget You!!!!

Barbara from Maryland (I just wanted her to know how she made a difference in my life. Please let her know how wonderful she is!!!!!!!!!!)

My father once worked for a carpet manufacturer, and he remembers a very special hand hooked carpet made for a very special lady, Loretta Young. I cannot recall the name of the mill, but I believe it was named after the founders, who were brothers of Polish ethnicity. My father loved to tell the story of the pure white carpet, custom made for one of his favorite actresses, he felt honored to be a part of such a special project. My father went on to become a cabinetmaker, and made beautiful things, of exceptional quality. Now 89, he has been retired for only 5 years. There is something very special about that generation!

On a personal note, I remember as a very little girl being fascinated by Loretta Young, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I still think so! Loretta is to me the quintessential standard of femininity, grace, courage, and inner beauty as well as physical beauty. My favorite movie is The Bishop's Wife, and during the hectic Holiday Season, I always make sure I take the time to treat myself to watch it at least once. I have also been known to watch it in the heat of summer.

Thanks to a great lady, for helping me to appreciate the fine art that it is to be a woman.



Dear Miss Young,

I was truly honored to watch a movie that you had made. "The Farmers Daughter" was on the Arts and Entertainment Channel this morning, and to be honest with you I didn't know much about you. I'm 40 years old and greatly disillusioned with many of the movies that are produced these days. It seems that true acting has given way to special effects, or immoral story lines, and I wonder what has happened. After watching "The Farmers Daughter," I walked away saying, "now that's real acting!". Why is it that when I watch great classics, that they stir emotional thought, and in most cases, a good feeling? More over than the movies of today. I could not stop laughing when I watched you and Joseph Cotton, and again that "good feeling" kept popping up in me only to be subdued by the TV commercials. Miss Young thank you for making my day a little brighter. I only wish that actresses and actors could do movies like this one, and countless other classics that could be revised for today's movies. Maybe it would brighten other peoples day who have high pressure life styles, and who go to the movies to unwind but only to watch violence, or sex as pleasure. Doesn't make sense, does it? I hope to see more of your movies in the near future. I believe by what I've read about you on these e-mails that you sound like a fine person and hopefully I would meet you someday. Thank you again.


I was so happy to see that Loretta Young has a wonderful website. I have enjoyed her movies and her values. She is truly one outstanding lady. I can't begin to tell you how I am enjoying reading all about her and the movies she made. Even as a little girl I remember her wonderful performance in "Come to the Stable". It has always been one of my favorite movies. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much.

I'm new to the Internet. But I wanted Miss Young to know how much I enjoy watching her movies. The Bishops Wife was just on AMC this morning and I watched it again.

One thing that I would love to see again are reruns of her TV shows. Is there any possibility of these coming back to TV. They were such wonderful shows and would be as enjoyable today as they were when I first watched them.

Thank you, Miss Young, for giving all of us so many wonderful movies.

Sincerely, An Old Fan

I am "only" 40, and unfortunately was oblivious to the impact that this gracious lady has had on many, many people. The example that she upholds stands in stark contrast to what passes for entertainment today.

I was prompted to write this after seeing "The Bishop's Wife," earlier today on AMC (1 Oct. '99). While I was familiar with the story, I thought, "what a remarkable, delicately played, performance," and I took the time to look up information about her on your website.

I just want to wish her, wherever she may be, a continued grand life and God Bless!

David-A new fan.

After reading the wonderful letters to and about Loretta Young on your terrific website, it brought up some great memories. I also recall "The Loretta Young Show" in which she played a part in a different little play each week. Such a versatile actress! Lovely inside and out.

Also, she has said that her favorite part in all the movies she made was as the nun in "Come to the Stable". I got the video and ... sure enough ... she's fabulous!

A special hello to my fellow Loretta Young fans.


i was, as a youngster, a great fan of Loretta Young and am glad to have discovered your site. to me, she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and i never missed a show!

i look forward to obtaining a copy of the book.

I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! I have always loved Loretta Young,and when I stumbled onto this site,I was stunned. Loretta Young has been and always will be my most admiring and greatest role model, that has ever lived. I used to watch her as I was growing up and always wished that I could be half the person she is.

I hope that from learning from her, that I have been the role model to my children, that she was for me. There aren't many women on the movie front that will ever bring into a person's life the warmth and great acting, that Loretta has. So, thank you so much, for allowing me, and all her admiring fans a place to be able to tell her how much she is LOVED!!!!!!.

Thank you, Jean.

Click Here For a Poem Sent In By Diana S.

Loretta Young's radiant beauty and innate style make her studio portraits truly works of art.

No other motion picture actress has so consistently complimented and enhanced her costumes and personal attire in such an elegant and natural manner.

Miss Young, please know that you are truly, truly loved by your many, many fans.

Grace I hope Miss Young looks at this website to enjoy the many tributes to her. Like all the other "fifty-something's," I watched Loretta float into my living room as a young girl. Many Sundays, Easters, and special occasions when my sister and I were dressed up, we practiced swirling through doorways just like Loretta Young.

I thoroughly agree with two quotes I read in other e-mail: "Her sparkling eyes found your heart."---Dominic Campisi. Another woman who met her personally at a party said, "SHE LOOKED LIKE A MOVIE STAR, but acted like the lady next door." That is exactly how I imagine meeting her would be.

It is wonderful to have a beautiful, faith-filled role model who is no "plaster of paris saint." Growing up Catholic, we were presented with so many untouchable, unimmitatable (Is that a word?) saints. Only as grown woman have I learned that sainthood is a matter of loving God with your whole heart and not "being perfect." Now I have the boundless joy of knowing I am one of God's beloved.

On of the most memorable lines that pierced my heart as I struggled with a devastating bout of depression that at the time seemed unconquerable, was: "Tears are God's way of melting a heart frozen in grief." (I think is was from "Christmas Eve.") When this line was spoken, I knew when I could cry, I would be healed. About two years later, I started crying, and friends and relatives had to build an ARK. When I was done, all the joy, laughter and hope that was buried under that frozen tundra of grief was released. Praise our Loving God! and Thank you and bless you, Loretta Young, for all you have given to so many.

Lucy, Detroit, Michigan


This is a wonderful tribute and biography website for Loretta Young. Every star should be so fortunate to have a site like this. I do believe you can grasp the greatness of Loretta Young and her incredible life and career here. And there is so much! But she did so much.

What a wonderful journey.

I would have been inspired to thank-you for this site anyway, but, I'm a little embarrassed since telling you this means you know I actually looked through so many of the fabulous photos from all of Loretta's movies. Which is a lot of browsing! But I did note that the photo for "Kismet" shows up for the movie "The Squall". I publish a lot and I always appreciate it when someone tells me these little details because it is IMPOSSIBLE not to see them. Sometimes I rush publish things just so I can get to the corrections sooner. But just thought you'd like to know.

It's a wonderful tribule, Loretta is very fortunate to have such a devoted fan. She definitely deserves the tribute, but I know you brought it to us, so in that, I thank-you.

Have a blessed day and may God's love shine in your world,


Last night I watched Loretta Young again on the A&E bio. I truley enjoyed it again for the second time.
What a stunning lady ! She is a true Hollywood movie QUEEN if ever there was one. I loved all the old movie clips, movie stills, family photos, etc. on the legendary lady Loretta.
This is one of the best web sites I have ever seen for a movie star. I check back on it from time to time to see any new photos of Loretta. I would really like to see some recent photos of Loretta from the '90s. Keep up the great work,
I've always been a big fan of Loretta Young. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.


I've just seen LorettaYoung's picture in Vanity Fair. Applause for how good she looks.
What was the name of her theme song for the TV series?


I have memories of Miss Young when I was a young boy in California. We lived in Ojai in the fifties and I often would ride my bike into town on sunday to serve mass at St. Thomas Aquinas church where Miss Young would often come. I remember her as a very devout Catholic with a big warm smile. I was probably 8 or 10 at the time. My father was a doctor (Catholic of course) and I remember on several ocassions waiting in the car in the driveway at her home near the Ojai Valley country club while my father made a house call. (yes he and other doctors used to make lots of house calls back then)


I seem to be looking back and remembering.  The years go by so fast and I wanted Ms. Young to know that I for one thinks she is what you think of when you think Class and a Star.  To give so much to so many that have so little and to be able to do this over and over is quite wonderful.
I just wanted her to know I think she is grand and she has given me much

Thank you for having a website so I can say so.


I have been a great admirer of Loretta Young since I was a teenager,watching her television program. As a middle-aged grandmother, I am stillintrigued by this woman who inspires with her faith and who has shared herremarkable talent with the world for such a long time.
I have recently lost 132 pounds and I owe my success to Miss Young. In 1955 to 1959 I watch the "The Loretta Young Show" faithfully. I loved the beautiful gowns she wore at the open and close of her show. I decided that some day I would be that glamourous too. Well, of course, times have changed and those lovely clothes have given way to other fashions, but I still wanted to be beautiful like Miss Young. Ten years ago, I was married and our wedding photographer was Helen Cherry (the same photographer that took the photo of Miss Young in the brown blouse on your website) Helen told me she took that photo very quickly and casually. Miss Young is still gorgous at any age! So now I have a request, I have lost all this weight and I don't know what to do with myself...I don't look the same, I don't know how to style my clothes or the proper way to keep "older" skin looking its best. Miss Young always looks great and her complexion is wonderful. If you would kindly forward this email on to Miss Young, perhaps shemay have some advice as to helping me look my best. She has experience, taste and style that can't be beat. Thank you for your attention to this request.Most sincerely,


! I love your Loretta Young site. I've been a fan of her's for many years. When I was just a little boy, my mother's favorite TV show was The Loretta Young Show, and it just kind of stuck! She's still so beautiful! Write back and let me know who you are!!--Billie

I had the privilege of meeting Miss Young during the filming of the movie of the week "Christmas Eve". I spent time talking to her during the wrap party. When she talked to you, she was totally focused on you and made you feel like you were the only person in the room. She autographed a lobby card from one of her movies for my mother. I found her to be very charming and I will never forget the experience of meeting her. I also had the honor of meeting Joe DiMaggio a few years ago and I put Miss Young and him in the same class. They have exactly that, "class". You just don't see much of that anymore.


I wish we had more people like Loretta. I was not aware of her strong opinions on moral issues. What led me to this site was the disgusting Oscar Award Show this evening. I turned it off. It is so depressing to me to hear the language and see the lack of morality. I decided to look up Loretta on the web. The site is very well done and I shall be visiting it often. Thank you for providing it.


Happy Birthday

What a lovely woman and actress. Many more and Happy, health birthdays.

Jo Ann

Hi,I just want to tell you what a wonderful page you have. I just watched Call of the Wild by Gable and Young. Loretta is so beautiful. It's a wonderful movie. Where did you get all her mag covers? That must be a lot of hard work. Congratulations on such great site.

Keep it up!

I came across your site recently and think it's terrific! I've been a fan of Loretta Young since I was a child and saw "The Farmer's Daughter" and "Rachel and the Stranger" on the late show. (My folks allowed me to stay up later than normal if a Loretta Young movie was on.)She impressed me with her charm, beauty, and wholesomeness and my opinion of her hasn't changed now that I'm an adult.
Hi - my name is Holly, and i have been a huge fan of Loretta Young since i first saw her swirl into my parents livingroom every Sunday night.!!! What a Beauty!!! I could hardly take my eyes off of her. Since that time, i have seen practically every movie Loretta Young has ever made. Thank you for a great Website on a beautiful, beautiful woman!!!

W.W., Retired Capt. Northwest Orient Airlines

I am so delighted to finally find a Web site devoted to the greatest actress ever! I have so many wonderful memories of watching Miss Young's television series each week.

My favorite episode concerned her visit to Lourdes( I don't recall the title). Would anyone know of the name of this episode and if it is available to purchase? I also have a vague memory of an episode in which Miss Young is about to marry, but she gets cold feet at the last minute and doesn't really know why---am I just dreaming this up, or does anyone remember this?

I have never written a fan letter before because I too wanted my very first one to be to the BEST actress in the world. I hope Miss Young checks her Web site and realizes how very much we appreciate her beauty and talent. I have been able to find a set of Loretta Young TV episodes which I truly treasure, but I would love to find more. I will continue to check this Web site to read other fans' comments---I am so happy to have found others who appreciate this wonderful lady.

Thanks to all who have put this together--keep up the terrific job!!!!


Dear Miss Young You have know idea what your web page has done for me. Ever since I was a child ( I'm now 54) you have been the only actress that has given me such joy to watch. You remind me every day what beleiving in GOD does for the heart and soul. It has gotten me past some pretty bad times.


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Dear Loretta,

Of all the movies you've done the one which is still my very favorite Movie of all time and a Holiday favorite...THE Movie of all times is "THE BISHOP'S WIFE" ...I do believe you and the rest of that cast Individually and collectively captured it pure escence of what the true meaning of Christmas, past and present is and always will be...

I have 2 married sons and 4 grandchildren whom I love dearly...My gift to them last year after a year of Serious Illness, was a Video for both families of THE BISHOP'S WIFE.

I thought long and hard to decide the one gift I wanted them to have to remember me for many years after my death and that was my decision....

I want them to remember me at holiday time with the viewing of that film and the happy memories of our Christmases past together..and to know how the true meaning of Christmas will never die...

Thank You for the many years of wonderful memories.......

You have been such a blessing to so many others through your work and your life...My wish for you is:

As Cary Grant's character, Dudley said of Jimmy Gleason's Character, Sylvester, the cab driver, (and I Para-phrase), " He will be truly Blessed, and his children, and his Children's Children shall rise up and call him Blessed..."

Merry Christmas, to you and your family and many many more...

Grayson, Ky.

Give Loretta my fondest regards....the Site is wonderful I love the pictures.....I do believe she's the most beautiful woman in the world.....She's so very special.....and gifted...I feel so privleged to have lived in the same time as she....her work has had a profound effect on my life and many other's lives too....

Hello. I am also a very big fan of Mrs. Young. I love her movies and her TV show. I have introduced her movie's and show's to my wife and now Loretta is her favorite actress.

I am also a collector of boxing movies and boxing theme TV shows. I have the movie 'THE LIFE OF JIMMY DOLAN" and her TV show "THE COUNT OF TEN". Mrs. Young mentions in the opening of count of ten that she did a show a year earlier with EDDIE ALBERT called TIGER TIPTON. I have been trying to find this show through video services across the country. No luck.

I was so surprised today to find this web site. ... We were so excited to see her picture in Palm Springs Life Magazine at a church event. It made my wife and I feel so good to see her in the magazine and as beautiful as ever. I was hoping when they were showing all the actor's and actress's at the academy awards who had won Oscars that she would be there. Mrs. Young truly deserves a special Oscar for her career achievements. Being one of the most special ladies that both TV and movies has ever had. This web site has given me hope that my letters to the academy of arts and sciences will be bombarded with this most deserving request.

In today's world with values and morals slipping away. I remember Mrs. Young's show and what it represented. The message it gave people. We were so lucky the some of us who watched as children to see the God giving goodness that came out and try to apply it to our young lives growing up. I know some of it stuck with me and the saintly image of how Mrs. Young always appeared to me. She had a way of reaching your heart from within and leaving you with a message to remember and hold on to. Well, I still hold on to the memories and everytime one of her movie's plays it all comes back. What a lady. A true angel sent from God to deliver his message. God bless Loretta Young.

The early films of Loretta Young are rarely shown and mostly on Turner Classic Movies. She was at her lovliest and most interesting in films such as: MIDNIGHT MARY 1933, EMPLOYEE'S ENTRANCE 1933, TAXI 1932, THEY CALL IT SIN 1933, and PARTY GIRL 1932. I would like to know when BORN TO BE BAD, made in 1934, is going to be made available for viewing. I have never seen a more beautiful face as that of Loretta Young's in MIDNIGHT MARY and EMPLOYEE'S ENTRANCE. I don't care for her later films with the exception of Christmas Eve which I believe was her last one. I wish the films she made in the early 1930's were shown more often.


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