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My parents ran a boarding kennel owned by Mr. Ruggles.and took care of his two dogs HoBo and Sister. See Are Boarding Kennels in the late 50's and early 60's and my mother has many fond memories of him. I have a card he sent to me when I was born in his beautiful handwriting.

Just a small little note. Mr. Ruggles had his hair cut by my grandfather. My grandfather was Sam Guerra (Italian), and had his barber shop on Spring St. in Los Angeles. He did many other stars, but according to my mom, Charlie Ruggles would only let my grandfather cut his hair and was insistent upon it.

Sam Guerra , passed on prior to Mr. Ruggles. But I'm convinced their up in heaven and my grandfather is still doing his hair.   :)


My dad was Clarence A. Ruggles, and most times at any place where he worked he became"Charlie" which was OK with him because he did not like the name Clarence. When he was 16 or 17 (he was born March 10, 1900) he was in an acrobatic troop that was playing in Chicago. I don't know the circumstances of how he met and talked to Charlie Ruggles, but they had an immediate liking for each other. They were surprised at their similarities and wondered if there was any chace of being related. He never saw him again, my dad joined the service soon after and was stationed someplace in Chicgo. He was injured in an accident riding a motorcylce delivering special mail for the army. He spent 18 months in the hospital there before he was discharged.
As a family we were always glad to see Charlie Ruggles in pictures, and through the years I saw many of them, and now I am seeing some again as reruns on Turner Classic Movies on television. I still see the resemblance to my dad who died in 1959 at the age of 59.
I am enjoying the website and the many pictures of Charlie Ruggles.
Barbara Ruggles Gryting
I just watched Charles Ruggles in "The Parent Trap" as Hayley Mills' Grandfather. He was so elegant and down to earth at the same time.
I wonder if you have any information on a tv show Charlie Ruggles was in in 1957. It was called "The Man from 1997" and was an entry in one of those anthology shows sponsored by big Corporations. Charlie played the man from 1997 who goes back in time to help out an immigrant janitor and he leaves behind a dollar blll signed by the secretary of the treasury who happens to be the janitor. I was very young when I saw it but it has stuck with me and I would love to know if it is available anywhere or if it has just disintegrated like so many other old tv shows. Thanks for your time.
You might want to mention on your site that Charlie was also in one of the very first Bewitched episodes - first year - still in black and white. He plays a client of McMann & Tate who Darrin keeps failing to please. He does a very nice turn in this episode. Thanks! M.
Charles Ruggles was a favorite actor of mine, especially in "Bringing Up Baby" and "Ruggles of Red Gap". If you'll pardon a baseball metaphor, I think he is the Phil Rizzuto of cinema - playing his part well, and making the entire team play well.
I had long searched as to who played Daddy Farquhar on episodes 118 & 119 of The Beverly Hillbillies and I could not find the answer anywhere online. After many emails to show fans, I finally found out it was Charlie Ruggles who played Milburn Drysdale's father-in-law, Daddy Farquhar.

Just a bit of news.


My FAVORITE Christmas movie is called "It Happened On Fifth Ave." starring Charles Ruggles, Gale Storm and Victor Moore. It's an EXCELLENT picture and Charles was wonderful in it! If any of you get a chance and see it listed in your tv dial turn it in! I haven't been able to find this film in any video store. If anyone knows how I can purchase a copy of this film...I would appreciate the information... Sincerely...Yvonne
I've enjoyed Charlie Ruggles for years in so many performances. He just seems to pop up everywhere and often I don't even recognise him as he's always so different (for example his cultured and wordly major in "Bringing Up Baby" compared to his down-home old timer in "Ruggles of Red Gap" - my favourite performance (I don't suppose the film's title was lifted from his name?). I also love his wonderfully sardonic Philo Swift in "No Time For Comedy".

I was also thrilled to discover that he was the voice of Aesop in "Fractured Fairy Tales". That was a favourite of mine as a child! I'm glad to see a great character actor from yesteryear is being remembered on the net. Good luck with your site!


I am genealogist and would be interested if you have any family history on Charles. My grandmother was born a Ruggles and has always wondered if there were any connections.

please feel free to see my website on the Ruggles family line.

Most sincerely,

Enjoyed Charlie's movies. My Great-Uncle Charlie Ruggles (no relation) did also and they were almost direct contemporaries. Some confusion.


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