Margaret Kerry

Below is an email from Margaret Kerry who played Charlie Ruggles' dauighter on the television series, "The Ruggles."

I had the joy of playing, Sharon, the daughter of Mr. Ruggles for years at ABC-TV network.

I'm in the midst of writing my book, Tinker Bell Talks - Tales of a Pixie Dusted Life .. I am the original reference model for Tinker Bell for the Disney films. I have been at this business for 76 years now starting in Our Gang Comedies ... to radio ... etc

But nothing that I have done has given me as much pleasure as having Charlie Ruggles as my dad. You know that we did the shows live ... with no cue cards. Plus the commercials LIVE!

When Mr. R. had to do one for Bell Brand Potato Chips... he would take delight in saying out of rhythm IF IT'S BELL ... ITS ...SWELL He thought the slogan was 'corny.'

Mr. R would learn his lines by locating a specific word. Once he found that word, the line fell -- as they say -- trippingly from his tongue. We would time the show 'short' so that the extra time it would take for him to locate the special word. We never worried about it because it was one of things that made him so adorable and amusing. He would adlib "well., well,.. well" and his eyes would dance .. simply dance.

The last episode we did was of me getting married and we made the cover of TV and Radio Mirror. I have a copy of it and many of photos from the show.

If you would like to get in touch with me ... my Web Site is and the email address that will be forwarded to me is

Thank you for caring enough to have this wonderful web site.


Margaret Kerry ... er ... Sharon Ruggles

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