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Folks who have written to us about Claude include a high school classmate, a college friend, relatives, the producer of "Movin On", the producer of his movie "Pushed Too Far", one of his co-stars, folks who met him in person, and many of his other fans.

I dunno if you'll ever read this; but about 15 years ago I worked with a gentleman named Roy he was an older man and he proceeded to tell me about the movie timber tramps or as he called it the big push;

He said it was filmed in Alaska Juneau which is the capital anyhow he happened to be drinking in a bar in Juneau where he was from when he noticed Cesar Romero Rosie Grier and Claude With crewmembers drinking in the bar having a good time anyhow he said he just watched them and seen that they all seemed to be good friends,

A drunk woman walked over to the table and insisted that Claude was sitting in her chair he said "well no ma'am your table is over there." She proceeded to curse him out so he got up pulled out the chair and let her sit down, handed her his beer and the bar roared with laughter and then Claude walked over to her table where she was supposed to be sitting and reached his hand out and introduced himself to her party and sat down; and the joint roared with laughter even louder-

He said Claude rang the bell several times that night; buying everyone drinks-

He said he's never seen a friendlier person.

Dear Sir,

My name is Alan Martin and I accidently stumbled upon this website looking for information on the T.V. series "Movin On". I will let you do the math, but Claude's Mother, Maude Akins, he called her Jugs, and my Dad's Mother, Mae Martin, were sisters. My siblings and I called his Mom Aunt Maude. She lived just outside of Atlanta for a long time in Smyrna, Georgia. I attended every family reunion up until Claude passed away in January of 1994.

Claude has a Sister and Brother-in-law in Beford. Her name is Hazel Mapes. She, too is a sweetheart of a Lady and always took time with us kids when she was visiting her Mom, Aunt Maude, here in Georgia.

In 1972, my younger Brother and I got to go to Cafifornia to visit other relatives and Claude came and picked us up for an overnight stay with him and his family. A time that I will always cherish. He and his Wife, Theresa, had three children. Two girls, Wendy and Michelle, and one son, Claude Jr..

I got to meet several of his Co-stars from Movin On and Sheriff Lobo. Mills Watson, Brian Kerwin and Frank Converse. Claude was a very down to earth person and loved to let down his hair and joke with his family. He knew everyone of our names. I was always amazed at him remembering all the names, because he had a very large family on both his Mom's side and his Dad's side, Uncle Earnest. Uncle Earnest passed away when I was young. He and Aunt Maude are buried in Kennesaw Memorial Cemetary near the new Marietta High School. Claude passed in January1994 from a reacurring bout with cancer. He had defeated it once, but it came back years later. I found out about his passing by reading it in the Atlanta Daily Journal at work. I too cried that day. He was a very large personality and loved his fans and his family. Thank you for such a great website and I am sure that Claude would love the readings here. As far as I know, I am the only one that got to take all the relatives named Claude Akins picture all together. As memory serves me, there were five. Lost the pictures and negatives. I cried that day, too. Thanks for listening and I appreciate your website.

Alan Martin


Thanks for the interesting email. I put it on this page:

You should be very proud being related to Claude Akins. Not only was he one of the best character actors of movies and television, but everyone tells me he was one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. As a matter of fact, in the 14 years I've had this website I can't remember anyone ever saying anything bad about him. I don't know many famous people you can say that about!

Rob Hubbard

Thank you, Mr. Hubbard,
Thank you for such kind words about Claude. He was quite the character. He was loads of fun at our reunions and had so many funny stories that he told us about things that had happened to him at work. He truly loved acting and had a mind that remembered all the important things. I didn't get to know his Dad's side of the family, because they did not live close. Uncle Ernest and Aunt Maude would come to Georgia, when I was young, to see Aunt Maude's family. That is when we would have our reunions and Claude would make a lot of them. Plus Claude's Sister, Hazel and her Husband, Jack Mapes would come down from Indiana to be with us, too.

Telling you this brings back so many memories of my youth. My family is where I learned what a family unit is and how tight family needs to be. I learned a load of values from my family and Aunt Maude was like a Mother to me and my Brother and Sisters. Claude was just an overgrown kid as long as I knew him. I am truly Blessed to have been born into this family.

Anything I can help clear up or any questions that I can answer, please feel free to ask me.

Quickly, the I Love Lucy episode that the Lady speaks of in your web page. Claude played an Indian in it. Aunt Maude called all the family and told us that Claude was going to be on Lucy tonight. Well, we all watched Lucy and did not see Claude. We all called Aunt Maude back and ask if she had gotten the dates wrong. She said that she was sure she had it right. Well, about half hour later she called back and said that the reason we didn't see Claude was that he was the Indian. Claude had called her to see if she had watched. He was the one to tell her that he was the Indian. It had even fooled her. We had a big laugh over that one.

Again, thank you for your kindness and for setting up a web page where everyone can reminice over good times and remember Claude. I am sure he would have the site bookmarked and love it. Take care and may GOD Bless you and your family, Sir.

Sincerely Yours,
Alan Martin

It is so good to be watching Moving On again. I love Will and Sonny! They make a great team. I have seen Claude Akins on The Big Valley and Bonanza and many other westerns. He was a great actor. Thanks for bringing the show back.

Mary B.

Here a comment on western star Will Hutchins' page:
"In one scene, a stuntman picked me up and heaved me into the river for swiping his rations. Claude Akins, who played Sarge, drew me aside and admonished me to get a stuntman to take the splash. “That’s what they’re paid for.” Shucks, it was a hot day. Did it myself; felt good. Years later, I worked with Claude again on the TV series, “Movin’ On”. You guessed it. Claude did his own stunts."

Well... this is sort of an obscure connection, but my grandmother used to babysit Claude!

In fact, I've wondered if my parents and his parents were not friends in Georgia and moved to Bedford together!

My grandfather was a "stonecutter" - he carved tombstones and "specialized" in sculptures-- not only lambs and angels for tombstones, but statutes as well. In the early '20's he was living with his family in Holly Springs, Ga, which is in northern Cherokee County, near the Pickens County line.

At that time, marble quarries were the big business in Cherokee and Pickens counties, which is why my grandfather was living there, having moved from North Carolina.

Nelson and Holly Springs are close enough that if one lived in North Holly Springs, and someone else lived in South Nelson, they would almost be neighbors, with only the small town of Ballground separating them. (in fact, my grandfather played baseball on the local Ballground team-- and the town name has nothing to do with baseball, but that's another story!). While there was a small quarry in Holly Springs, it's also possible that my grandfather actually worked in Nelson -- the quarry there was a much larger concern than the one in Holly Springs.

My father was born in 1915, so he was a few years older than Claude, but when he was a junior or senior in high school (i think!) my grandfather took the family and moved to Bedford, Indiana, apparently because the quarries there were doing more business. Claude would have been around 7-8 years old, using the birthdate on this site, and considering that I don't have the exact date that the two families moved to Bedford. I know that the move was before my dad graduated high school, which would have made it around 1932 or so.

So Claude was of the age that my grandmother could have baby sat for him either in Georgia or Bedford! Or both! And not knowing when the Akins family moved, it's difficult to pinpoint as well.

But whether she sat for him in Georgia or Indiana, she apparently did so for quite some time and made quite an impression on Claude, as he continued to visit my grandmother (Kate Watson) for many, many years, as well as call her occasionally to see how she was doing.

I actually met Claude on one of his visits to my grandmother, but I was a very young child (less than 10 yrs. old) so I immediately forgot about it untll several years later when my Dad and I were watching TV and some movie with Claude was on and my Dad reminded me of who he was. I had heard about some actor who visited my grandmother, but did not connect that with the "visual" Claude until then (my grandmother lived in Tennessee by that time, and we were in Georgia, so we never knew when he was visiting her untill after-the-fact, except for that one coincidential time when he visited at the same time we were there).

In any event, once I realized who he was, I really had a high opinion of how nice a man he must have been to have kept in contact and traveled to visit with my grandmother for what had to have been 20-30 years after she baby sat for him.

BTW - this website seems to have turned up some folks in Bedford.... I've some long-lost cousins there I'd like to make contact with if anyone in Bedford knows a Mike Watson or the former Patsy Cummings, both in their '60's, I'd sure like to hear from them.... also some of you older folks who may remember (Thomas) Edgar Watson (my father) or Thomas and Kate Watson (my grandparents) . Thanks!

Thomas Watson

I recently saw Claude Akins ina Bonanza episode. I haven't seen him in a while and it brought back old memories of his movies. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had seen him until the Bonanza episode. Loved him, his acting and his wonderful manor. Just a very hadsome guy I would have liked to have met. God keep you well Claude. Maybe I'll see you there.

Love to you

There is a website where anyone can obtain Claude's Movin On series on DVD.

Go to

Hope this helps anyone!

Ken S.

PS; My Father & Cousin met Mr. Akins back in the mid 1970's. They spent the quiet evening with Claude shooting pool & swaping stories at what I believe was a relatives bar (prior to being Sunset Lodge) on the North Shore on Lake Koshkonong in Jefferson County Wisconsin. Claude brought in an autographed photo & it was placed on the wall for all to see! When the bar was sold, The photo went with the rightful owner!

Claude was a lot of fun to to spend the evening with! I sure wish that I was able to meet Mr. Akins back then! But never did & never have! He was my fav. insperational star at the time! I was only 9 yrs old when Movin On 1st aired! Claude & Movin On was what motivated me to get started in a prosperous career!

I was very fortunate enough to meet another friend from another country who had Claude & Mr. Frank Converse's autographed photo together in front of the Movin On Kenworth. My friend made a photocopy for me & sent it! It may not be the exact autographed copy, But it's as close that I'll ever get to it! I'll be making a nice Cherry wood frame for it to mount on my den wall!

Ken S.

Hi Guy's,

First off R.I.P Claude Akins, I met him once back in 1994 before he died I used to have a Picture of him that he gave me picture of when he acted in a show called "Movin' On" where he played a character called "Sonny Pruitt" where drove a Green Kenworth, he was also a co-actor with Frank Converse who played "Will Chandler" you will greatly missed Claude!!!!!!!!!!! He was a so down to Earth Person

Lance C

I went to Topeka Dr. Elementary School in Northridge , California between 1966-1972. Claude’s daughter was in my class for most of those years. I could remember at very early age, Claude picking up his daughter from school. Claude stood out from the other parents with his star quality, and made an impression on this young kid. Although he kept to himself, he was approachable, and was friendly when I would smile at him. To this day I enjoy watching his films and TV. shows and enjoy remembering his charismatic nature. He is missed.
Rob F.
I'm very happy to have found this site about a wonderful actor. Wether in episodes of I Love Lucy or Season One of Murder She Wrote (As Ethan) he is always a joy to watch. Its nice to see so many others appreciate his acting.
I was born and raised in Jefffersonville, IN, in 1945 and the son of a carpenter/millwright. My father always had a love for, and flair for poker and I vividly recall him telling me about the times of how he and Mr. Akins used to play poker together at Olivers pool hall in Jeffersonville, and always spoke very fondly, and respectfully of him.

I realize that this may or may not be the type of information that you desire, but we had always been a fan of, and admirer of Mr Akins and the fine acting accomplisments of our neighbor and fellow Hoosier. I was just a teenage boy and had never met him, but wish that I had.

Thank you, and have a great day
Michael Nolan




Movin On was filming at a bar across the street from where I worked in San Diego early one morning. I was just getting of the midnight shift and found out they were going to the port authority to do some more filming. Since the wife and I were big fans of the show, I went home, got the wife, and we went to the port authority. When we arrived at the main entrance, there was Mr. Akins, sitting on chair by the gate, all by himself. I truly mean, all by himself, there was no film crew, no equipment, no trucks, nothing except him. My wife and I approached him, and he got up and came towards us, with a big ole grin, and hello. We spent about a half hour talking with him, We had only spoken to him a for a couple of minutes and we had completely forgotten he was a "Star". We were actually walking away when I remembered who he was, and asked if it would be alright if I took his picture. He walked over,

put his arm around my wife, gave her a big ole hug, and I took the picture. My wife has carried that picture around in her wallet ever since. I meet several actors/actresses while in California, and by far, Mr. Akins was the nicest, most down to earth actor I have ever met. The other two actors that were almost as nice, were Vince Edwards (Ben Casey) and Carl Betz (Donna Reed Show).

Larry & Kriss Hickman

In 1978, when I was in sales with 3M, I flew from the Twin Cities to Atlanta to make some dealer calls. I was at one of the rental car counters when Claude Akins walked up to the counter. Being the nosy person I am, I had to say something, so I said, “How’s Mr. Akins this morning?” I told him I was a real fan, starting with his movie debut in From Here to Eternity. He got a big grin on his face, and came over and shook my hand, and we had a nice conversation on his career, including his latest series, Moving On. He said his mother lived in Atlanta, and he had come to visit her. He couldn’t have been a more nicer, down to earth guy, and gave me an autographed picture, which I have kept. I will never forget my meeting with him, and what a sincere guy he was. Also, he had a grip of steel when I shook hands with him.
Lynn Wilson

Hi,I live in the UK and I've been a great fan of Claude Akins for many,many years. It's great to know that Claude is so loved and fondly remembered by so many people; he must have been a truly wonderful human being, and knowing that pleases me beyond words. I have lost count of the numerous movies and television shows I have watched in which Claude appeared. He had a certain presence and his performances often stole the scene. Probably the one thing that I shall always remember about Claude in nearly everything that he ever appeared in is that wonderful smile. I would have loved to have met this exceptional man and I shall ALWAYS cherish his memory and his immeasurable contribution to the movie and television industry. Thank you so much, Claude.

Regards Mr. Elwyn Richards

Webmaster: There has been some question about Claude Akins' birth year, especially since the Internet Movie Database website ( states 1918. So, on July 20, 2007 we asked a high school classmate of his and here is his answer:

1926 is correct, same as me. We graduated together in 1944.

Claude was a straight A student and was a great guy.

He never "Went Hollywood" like many do, and stayed just plain Claude.

Just watched movie “Return of the Seven” w/Yul Brenner – and Claude Akins. Akins was so handsome. I’m 68 yrs. now, and have seen so many movies through the years that he acted in - and wondered what happened to him, so I tried to find him on the internet – and could only remember him driving the semi, or big truck on the series – but I could only think of “Route 66.” I love the internet – I kept “searching” until I found the bio, credits, and photo of Claude Akins – and the TV series was “Movin On!” I remember now - and loved the series. It was so great reading all these messages from others, re his real-life happenings – and learning that he was a gentleman, kind personality and affection for others – even strangers. What an example he must have set for his family. My condolences to his family members. May they all be Blessed by his memory.


Claude and I were friends and class-mates at Indiana University during the fall of 1944, and, unless he left, the spring of 1945. Also, in our classes, with professor Virgil Augustus Smith, was the fine charactor actor Charles Aidman who made many Hollywood and TV appearances. [Webmaster: Click here for a photo of Aidman] Aidman toured with Spoon River Anthology. Aidman died some years ago in his 60's. Akins dropped his identity with Indiana University when he failed courses. The studio people thought Northwestern and the Goodman Theater was a far better reference.

The number of roles for Claude Akins at the Indiana University Drama department for Claude were limited since he was a large man, and more mature than other students. He told me he was from Bedford, Indiana, only 20 miles south of Bloomington. He was friends with all his fellow students, a smiling teddy bear. Years after I knew him, in the early fifties, I was astonished to see him in a few movie westerns and was amazed at his ease with older and better established actors. Again, he had the same mature aura that made his probable age questionable. I talked to him at the height of his TV series (title escapes me) He drove a Kenworth Truck. I asked him, due to his fame (and at the request of IU) if he could return to IU for Alumni day and what the charge would be. First, he asked $3000. per day portal to portal, second, first class air fare for two, third, accomodations, meals and ground transportation, Then he said, "Paul,. even if IU is willing to pay it, I can't come back. I flunked out of IU, and the studio people have me graduating from Northwestern, Charlton Heston and all. But thanks anyway and keep in touch." I was one of those guys who got A pluses and lead roles in almost every play. And here, both Charles Aidman, and Akins, who were seldom cast in college (due to type, mostly) were semi-stars, and in movies, while I was working in local radio and pioneering in small-time TV. What a come down!

I had the pleasure of talking to this great actor 30 years ago,He came to Vancouver Canada and was on a local radio show promoting Movin On.I called and had a great chat with him,A very down to earth person,I have drven trucks for over 30 years and I believe in our talk he really pushed me to do what I wanted which was to drive for a living,
James Joyce
Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Akin's when he stared in a play called Goodbye Ghost in Chicago. When the play was over he invited the audience to meet him in the lounge after the play if they wanted to talk or if they had any questions. What impressed me most was how down to earth he was. He is surely missed.
Greetings, I have enjoyed Claude's work for a great many years and have seen a large body of his work. Many years ago before he passed away he sent me an autographed photo on request. Claude was very generous and seemed incredibly down to earth. I am presently in Arizona and work at Old Tucson Studios, where many westerns were filmed back in the days, including "Rio Bravo." Right behind one of the buildings where a scene was filmed with Claude and John Wayne, a photo encased in glass is there today. When I first started working there, it gave me such a thrill to stand on the same spot that Claude did. Claude is greatly missed by me. He was one of kind.
Claude Akins was my nieghbor in Pasadena CA in the 80's he used to hand out signed head shots for Halloween

I was hoping I would stumble on a website that paid tribute to Claude. In 1976, he used to come see my band play at the Roadway Inn in Clairmont, CA. He pretty much became a regular whenever the races were happening at the Ontario Motor Speedway.

I would get Claude up on stage with us and we would clown around. He asked me to play in the "Claude Akins Celebrity Pro/Am Golf Classic in Kansas City and put on a show afterwards. It was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. He was the most down to earth, decent man I have ever known. Here is a photo taken on the set of "Sheriff Lobo". The man with the beard is writer/director E. Arthur Kean, myself and Claude.

Thank you again for a wonderful tribute.

Brad Mercer
Palm Desert, CA

I have so many good memories of Claude who starred in a film I wrote and produced in 1988 titled "Pushed Too Far." You can see the website and the just released DVD of that movie at: A link to my page would be appreciated. I also will be happy to answer any emails you or your website visitors might ask. Thanks for keeping his name out there. He became a very important part of my life...I will cherish the experience always. The information at IMDB is not correct about the film It was released in 1988. Jack Rooney is not the copyright owner but he is the director. Also, if you would like to make the DVD available, please let me know.
Best Regards,
John Kleiman
Hello, My name is Tim King.I'm sure this will sound the same as the rest. But none the less here goes. I was a kid when I watched the show and I thought it was great. Fact its the reason I became A truck driver. I thought seeing that big truck with the big stacks and all was cool. Heck I still ask if anybody remembers the sonny pruit days and you ought to here the responce I get. I just thought I would say hey and let you know that as an actor for us in tv land he did touch alot of peoples lives. Oh, And I liked him in the Tx rangers show as well. Me and my grandaddy use to watch it every week. Ok well I just wanted to say these things. To whom ever reads this, Have A great day and a good Holiday season.

Tim King/ Guitarslinger.

My name is Gloria and in the early 1990s I was at Target Stores in Monrovia, California and spotted Claude Akins in the check out line. My sister and I who are avid classic TV and film fans noticed him in front of us. I was telling my sister when I spotted him, "that's Claude Akins from the Twilight Zone and I Love Lucy shows" and he overheard us and smiled and seemed to be thrilled he was recognized. I wish I was able to actually talk to him but my sister and I were just so star strucked that nothing would come out right and we were busy talking about his shows. I was also taken by him and the fact that he seemed to be very proud grandfather and was buying gifts for his grandchildren.


My wife and I met Mr Akins while he filming an episode of Movin On in San Diego. He was by far, the nicest actor I have ever met. When asked if I could take a picture of him with my wife, he jumped up, put his arm around her and let me take all the pictures I wanted. I have met several actors over the years, and I try not to impose to much on them, but Mr Akins made you feel right at ease and he never once gave us the impression that he wanted us to go away.

Larry & Kriss Hickman

I just wanted you to know that you have a wonderful website. Claude Akins has always been my favorite actor. My real father (I was adopted and raised by my fathers parents) was a guy who could have been a twin to Claude Akins. My father died at the age of 36 in a car accident so watching Claude in the movies and on television was getting to see my father after he died.

I only wish they could have met each other because I am sure that they would have become best of friends because they were so much alike in so many ways.

Teresa Hindall Baney

One of the episodes of Movin' On was filmed in The Dalles Oregon. My dad and his service station was shown in it.
Dad has since passed on and I would like to get a copy of that episode. Would you have it?
Hello, Really enjoyed seeing the Claude Akins webpage! Brings back lots of memories as a kid watching Movin On. The show inspired me to be a truck driver which I very much love to do to this day! Thanks so much for taking the time to post some of the stuff. Its very hard to find anything on the Movin On episodes. Really hate no reruns are on and they cant be purchased in box sets. Also hardly any memorabilia excists? I also remember alot of the episodes were filmed around here in N.C.. Thanks again for your site! Keep up the great work on remembering Claude Akins!!! Derrick
I have seen Claude Akins in many western TV shows, usually playing the heavy. He was one of my favorite character actors and i mourn his passing;God bless him. There was another actor who played in a lot of TV westerns that I sometimes confused the two because they looked so much alike--Charles Bronson. Both were solid character actors and both will be missed.


i met claude akins when i was a little boy. i lived in little rock, arkansas at the time and he was at the local kenworth truck dealership one saturday. there was a banner that read "meet claude akins TODAY," so my father stopped in. we were all fans of 'movin' on' in my house and it was during this series when i met him. a very nice man and...a funny thing...i have never forgotten his kindness. he patted me on the head and called me "son." i was very happy to see his website, also a little sad to realise, five minutes ago, that he is gone. cheers to all of you who knew him, and cheers to everyone who never forgot this talented. gentle man. kenny on st. john, u.s. virgin islands
I was a fan of Claude Akins since I was a teenager, when he played a lot of heavies, and I always thought that the actor was just acting, for anyone with a face like his could not really be as bad as his character was.
I saw Claude in the 1970's I think, at a truck show in Seattle, which featured him and lots of giant semi tractors, Kenworth, Peterbuilt as well as others, plus lots of toys for truckers. My daughter got his autographed picture for me as I was just too shy to go up there and get one. The man made my knees go weak.
Somehow I missed hearing about his death until several years after it happened, and when I did, I cried and cried. I was always going to write him a letter to tell him how much I enjoyed seeing him, whether he was a bad guy or a good guy. I guess I just had a super crush on him.
I remember growing up with Claude Akins on Movin On back in the 70's, I missed a couple of the first episodes tho it was being summer break you know and I had no idea at the time, anyway I ended up being a fan watching it all the time after that and fighting over the tv as to who was going to watch what when Movin On came on, I won every fight after that!
A bit later on the newspaper in Idaho they had this TV guide listing and a place that you could write in and ask something, I wrote in and asked for his address and did I ever get teased by the kids about it as it was indeed published about a week or so latter, but I never wrote to him, I'm sorry that I never did.
Later on in life I became a trucker driver myself and I got to see twice one of two things that he had something to do with, once was the old truck in BJ and the Bear, that was in Alberqurque, NM around appx late 1984 or early 1985, been to many years since then, but it was the truck heading west on I-40 near Coors Road and I chased it with my little truck and got up along side of it, sorry no camera then either, later on when I moved to Portland very very close to where I lived at the time as I found the old Movin On truck at Beal Trailers being worked on, I had to go do something then at the time and again no camera, by the time I got back the truck was gone and hasn't been seen since then, that was about the early to mid 90's as far as I remember, thanks Joe S for jogging a much forgotten memory on the old Movin On truck.
PS. If anybody is interested, you can contact me anytime as I'm a big fan also of Movin On and Claude.
Hi! While surfing the net I came across your informative and interesting entries on Claude Akins. In 1960 I met Claude Akins on the "Bonanza" set. My Father had business dealings with the production company, and David Dortort, the serie's producer invited my Father and I to visit the set. I still remember the episode..."The Mill", with the actor Harry Townes confined to a wheelchair, and Claude Akins serving as his evil caretaker. Michael Landon and Dan Blocker were gracious and friendly. Pernell Roberts muttered something about the set becoming a "circus" with all the visitors....I was humiliated, as only a teenager could be, when Claude Akins came over and warmly greeted us. I can't remember a kinder or funnier gentleman. I was worried that Pernell Roberts was genuinely bothered by our presence....Claude Akins explained that Pernell was worried about the quality of the production, and that the scripts needed a lot of work. He never implied there was any friction on the set, and made the entire afternoon one of my fondest memories. The moment the lunch signal was given, Claude grabbed serving spoons, etc...he made certain every extra, script girl, etc was served, before he would eat a bite. Later on, when Claude had stepped away, Dan Blocker told me he was always that kind, and that no pretense existed in his character. However, when the camera started rolling....what a villain. He truly made you believe he was evil. I guess I was watching true this day, I am astonished by his range. Excuse the length of this email, my fond memories run deep. Thank You for this chance to share them.


Our thanks to a former high school classmate of Claude's for answering the following questions:

(1) What do you remember most about Claude?
He was probably the best liked boy in Bedford High School. (The new "Bedford North Lawrence High School" is at 595 North Stars Blvd. The old BHS was on "M" street, between 15th and 16th streets.)

(2) Was he involved in any sports or other activities in school?
He was an athlete, played basketball and football, belonged to several school society clubs, and was in the Honor Club because he was a straight A student.

(3) What subjects did you take with him?
Algebra, Latin, Grammar & Composition, English, Geometry.

(4) Did you think back then that he would become famous?
I never really thought about it, but he was voted the Most Likely To Succeed, and Most Adaptable of our Senior class.

(5) Did you ever meet any others in Claude's family? If so, what were they like?
I don't believe that I ever met his mother, but I knew his father, who was a police officer, and Claude used his father's revolver in several movies and TV programs until it was stolen. Claude's father was also very nice.

I had moved away from Bedford to a city, and was driving around back in Bedford and turned right on a red light, as was O.K. where I had moved to. Ernie Akins, Claude's father stopped me and shook his finger at me, and said "We don't do that here, Jack."

Bedford was only about 14,000 pop. at that time.

(6) Do you remember what his house looked like?
No, I don't remember what his family's house looked like. Most houses in Bedford at that time were white, wooden frame houses built in the very early 1900's, or late 1800's. When Claude and I grew up in Bedford, almost no one locked their doors. Even when people went on vacation, they left their doors unlocked, because a neighbor might need something while they were gone.

(7) Can you relate a story about Claude?
Claude never changed from the easy going, small town boy that I knew.

Every week from wherever he was, he would call his speech and dramatics High School coach, until her death, and when he came back to Bedford to visit, he always went to see her.

I saw him at a local dinner theater and we visited after the show. Except for looking older, he was the same old Claude.

Several years earlier, I bumped into him walking around down town in my city. He was wearing blue jeans and a dungaree shirt.

His wife couldn't travel with him due to a bad car accident and had a back injury. They had 3 children. Claude and Claude Jr. did quite well in golf tournaments.

Happened to find your web page quite by accident. I was the producer of Movin' On in its second season. Claude was a dear friend. I was with him regularly during his final illness, and gave the eulogy at his funeral. I'm pleased, of course, to find so many of his fans who sensed the fundamental decency and kindness and generosity of this loving, remarkable man.
Ernie Frankel
I especially remember one show of the series "Movin' On." It was filmed in the Sedona, Arizona area. It showed them driving on a paved road, then had to make a detour..and the road was a narrow, unpaved road on the side of a mountain. I've been on that road (Schnebly Hill Road) Seeing a large truck on that road was almost impossible to believe. Can't remember much of the plot of the story..but sure remember the location. I live in Prescott, Arizona..about 60 miles from there. Always enjoyed watching Claude Akins in movies...and glad I can still see his movies...and would like to see his series shown on TV again, too.
I was reading the e-mails and would like to let the fans know I have about 22 episodes of the show. The quality varies but are great to watch. Also I would like to get more if anyone know where I'd like to know.

Thanks alot.......Keep Movin' ON!!!!!!

"Greg Homan"

I was a young kid in the 50's who like many other kids grew up watching the wonderful westerns on television. From an early age I can remember Claude Akins in many western series as well as many movies. Many times he played the bad guy but there were times that he played himself ( a decent, kind human being). He was great in comedy roles as well.

I was sad when he died in 1994. He was a great character actor, who took pride in his craft. I never missed an episode of " Moving On". It was his lovable self, (the real Claude Akins) that made the show so great.

I will miss him, but it's wonderful that he will live forever on the silver screen for future generations to enjoy! He was a wonderful human being.


Georgia, USA

i just read the message board and see people looking for episodes of movin'on i have come accross a person with 22 episodes of the show he can be reached at he also has episodes of bj and the bear as well as misadventures of sheriff lobo


I have to agree with some of the comments about Claude Akins being one of the best of all time. I too would love to know why we can never see the Mis-Adventures of Sheriff Lobo in reruns. That has to be one of my all time favorite shows and would absolutely love to have the chance to see them all again. Is there any way we could help make this happen? Please E-Mail me back or just post some information. Alot of people would be very pleased to see these old episodes.
He was a great actor, and humanitarian!
Hello, I have always been a Claude Akins and Movin' On fan. I just wish the shows were available somewhere. In 1999 or 2000, one summer, we were driving on I-70 neat Frisco Colorado. I saw a Kenworth, somewhat faded, that was Identical to the Movin' on truck. Since it was on the road, I didn't get to find out any info. It was either painted to exactly match the original, or it was the original, double sleeper and all. Does anybody know where the KW ended up? Thanks, Joe S.
Hi, I also grew up with Movin' On and was saddened when it went off of the air.

For those of you who would like to have back copies of some of the shows check on Ebay. I got about 15 shows from a fellow from New Jersey. His Ebay ID is Kramden66 and email address is .

Good Luck to each and every one of you who enjoyed the show. One day I hope it will be on Nick At Nite. Just don't know why it isn't.

Debbie, from Ohio

I lived in Seymour, Ind. for five or more years and was there when the film 'Falling from Grace' was being filmed. Claude Akins was always one of my favorite people and I had such a crush on him so when my daughter called me at work and told me she had just served him a meal at one of the favorite resturants in town and that he was still there with Dub Taylor if I wanted to get over there to meet him, I told my boss I was "out of there"! He was still eating when I arrived so I waited rather than interrupt his meal and when he finished my daughter introduced me. He immediately stood, said he was pleased to meet me. We talked for a short while and then I told him I wished I had more time to spend with him but I had to get back to work. He stood again, gave me a big bear hug and said I could always come back and spend the night with him. (joking, of course) ! then gave me another hug, a kiss on the cheek, and his autographed photo. I was walking on clouds for days. This was 2 yrs. before he died and I cried the entire day of his death. He was so great and such a down to earth man.
I have to agree with some of the comments about Claude Akins being one of the best of all time. I too would love to know why we can never see the Mis-Adventures of Sheriff Lobo in reruns. That has to be one of my all time favorite shows and would absolutely love to have the chance to see them all again. Is there any way we could help make this happen? Please E-Mail me back or just post some information. Alot of people would be very pleased to see these old episodes.
I produced the video called "Come Home To Pickens County" in 1989. Claude was so nice and cooperative. I spent three days traveling with Claude and I would take him to the different locations for the shoot. He was a charm to work with and he came out here to, basically, help promote Pickens County's growth and natural beauty. I located the old home place in Nelson, Georgia, for Claude and I think it was the last time he went there prior to his death. The video received a national award the following year and I know the success of the video was because of Claude's involvement. Those were three days that I will never forget and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to work and meet him.
Tim Cavender
Ball Ground, Georgia
Please add this comment:

If someone knows how to get a copy of Movin' on 44 episodies, in spanish, please let us know

Are any of the episodes available on VHS? It would be really nice to get the entire collection as a boxed set, with maybe 2-4 episodes per tape. I was such a fan of the original pilot movie as well as the series. My father was also a real trucker as well as my father-in-law. I was 14 when the original "In Tandem" debuted. Since I also like war and western movies and shows, I've enjoyed a lot of Claude Akins in the past. I would love to hear from his surviving first cousin who said he was named for her father, if you would forward this to Mrs. Dolores Akins. Thanks.

L. R.

Hello, I was a huge fan of Claude Akins, my mother had her picture taken with him at a restaurant in Indianapolis before the Indy 500 sometime back in the 70's. I'm still trying to find that photo. I also host a BJ and the Bear Fan Club on MSN. There are two pages dedicated to Sheriff Lobo..Soon to be 3! The pages include Sheriff Lobo in the BJ and the Bear pilot movie "The Foundlings" in addition to the pilot episode of Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.."The Day the Shark ate Lobo" and have a screencap from BJ and the Bear episode "Run for the Money" I enclosed it incase you would like to add it.. I grew up watching "Movin' On" and was just stunned by that show, Never missed it! When BJ and the Bear came out and Claude Akins played the part of Sheriff Lobo, I had to watch him as it was weird to see a trucker turn into the law! He was indeed a great actor and he is missed by many fans! Also in this photo is Mills Watson, who was halarious working with Claude Akins as Deputy Perkins. Hope you like the pic.. - MK

I recently watched an episode of the Twilight Zone with Claude Akins in it, man he was a great actor! I got on the internet to find out what happened to Claude. It was sad to find out that he passed away in 1994.
Will and Sonny! What memories! I was eleven years old and wanted to be a truck driver. I watched 'Movin' On' religiously while growing up in New Jersey. I was saddened to hear of Mr. Akins passing. Will and Sonny brought great joy to me as a child. I had also watched the always under rated actor Frank Connors years before as a detective in 'N.Y.P.D.' It would be fantastic if these episodes would become available on video or DVD. It would be like taking a time machine and visiting my youth. Oh, and lets not forget that other star of the show that fabulous Kenworth truck! Great Web. site. SPIKE.
hi i'm working on completeing my movin'on collection but can't seem to find an episode guide that lists the titles of all 44 episodes do you know where i could find a complete episode guide to this show.
when i was a little boy i have seen "movin´ on" on TV. In germany it called "Abenteuer der Landstrasse" it was my favorite series - later in the early eighties it reruns and it was cool again i even had a matchbox/amt plastic-kit of the green kenworth truck with the caracter names on the doors but now i only remeber some fragments,single pictures and i would give everthing to see it again please german television: repeat it
Hello I was reading the "letters to Claude Akins" website, and saw where one person's grandfathers farm was used as an episode backdrop. Do you know which episode? I might have it.

If you get a second, take a look at my Movin' On page!


Claude Akins was my husband's first cousin. My husband's name was also Claude Akins. The Actor was named after Claude Emerson Akins, my husband's father. I remember Claude's wit and humor. He never forgot his Georgia relatives. He would rent a large room in one of the hotels in Atlanta and have a family reunion quite often.

Irene, my husband's mother was a wonderful hostess. Claude always loved to come to see us in the country. He was so much fun.

He died of cancer three years before my husband died of cancer. My husband was only 57 years of age.

We were able to be on set when Claude filmed several of his movies here. Again, He was always glad to see his family.

Delores Akins

Hello Friends, I´m Rafa from Spain. I am 34 years old, and my favorite tv serial is In tanden-movin´on. I was seven o eight years old when I saw it, and folling in love. Today I hope that someday I can see again this serial in Spanish tv.
My uncle is looking for a way to obtain a copy of an episode of Movin On in which he appeared. It was during the 70s and he was sherrif of Hall Co. Georgia at the time and appeared in the episode filmed in Hall Co. Any info on how to obtain a copy would be appreciated. E-mail


wonderful actor. i am fan of bonanza and Claude Akins was in the chapter the mill
from Argentina

I currently have four episodes of MOVIN' ON, and would gladly trade for other episodes. The episodes I have are FRAUD, THE GOOD LIFE, HOOTS, and PROSPERITY #1.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Rich Heintz

hi i am john i loved moving on claude akins was funny i loved will & sonny i remember the song to because merle haggard sang it big wheels moving on love john
I have very fond memories of the TV program "Movin' On." I was a little boy when it was on the air and remember that it was one of my late father's favorite shows. He would always watch it. I was very surprised to learn that so many people are interested in obtaining copies of this show. If it ever becomes available on video, I would definitely be interested in seeing it again. I always liked Claude Akins, and I'm glad you have such a nice website. Best wishes, B. T.
I always enjoyed Claude Akins and Frank Converse in Movin' On. One of the shows was made in my hometown of Astoria, Oregon. I have been hoping for many years that the series would show up on Nick at Nite or on TV Land, but I'm still waiting.

I was glad to find this web page, but was saddened to learn that Claude Akins is no longer with us. He was a wonderful actor, and by all accounts, a wonderful person.


I always enjoyed Claude Akins and Frank Converse in Movin' On. One of the shows was made in my hometown of Astoria, Oregon. I have been hoping for many years that the series would show up on Nick at Nite or on TV Land, but I'm still waiting.

I was glad to find this web page, but was saddened to learn that Claude Akins is no longer with us. He was a wonderful actor, and by all accounts, a wonderful person.


Claude is actually my third cousin. His dad and my Granddaddy were brothers. He and my Dad (who is 84 next month) lived together with their families as small children for awhile during the depression, and after Claude began regular TV appearances, he would periodically return to GA and we would have a small family reunion. He was extremely generous and was a tremendously "down to earth" person.

One thing he told me one time was that "I know what it's like to be poor and not have much, and I know what it's like to have some money and be somewhat well known. I prefer the latter."

Tom Akins

Hello, my name is Miguel , I write from Barcelona, Spain. I have been searching on the internet about a wonderful TV series that I enjoyed very much when I was a 4 years old kid and watched on the spanish TV. The spanish name of that serie was En Ruta (Movin'on). I have discovered that there is some people like you that still remembers that serie and these big actors called Claude Akins and his partner Frank Converse (forever Sonny & Will). Congratulations for your Website!

I have found also the original TV theme by Merle Haggard, but i didn't found any place to get images or videos. Do you know how to get some of this stuff? Please help me!

I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Akins in 1982, at the airport in Los Angeles. I was travelling with a church choir and handbell choir to Europe. As we were waiting to check in for our flight, somebody yells "Hey! There's Claude Akins!" That sweet man was inundated by 50 goofy fans. We all lined up to have our picture taken with him. What impressed me the most was his reaction to us. We each got a hug and his smile reflected his genuine affection toward us. And of course he had to lean down to get his cheeks even with ours. I didn't realize how tall a man he was, in height as well as humanity.


We have been searching for ANY information about Movin' On and Claude Akins for years. We are VERY interested in purchasing VHS tapes of the show and also the pilot In Tandem. This was my favorite show as a child my brother and I would fight over who would be Sonny or Will each week. I can't believe this show is not on TV Land or TNN or something! If anyone has any information about buying any VHS tapes on the Movin' On series please E-mail me at

P.S. Any pictures pertaining to Movin' On would be greatly appreciated. JIM & SHARI

He did many wonderful movies - Missouri Breaks - for one.

But the guest appearance that he did on the "I LOVE LUCY" show as the jungle chieftain that stepped out of the brush and scared Lucy and Ethel - I thought he carried that off supremely well.

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I wish I could have met him. He was one of the greatest. When Dan Biggers told me he was dead, the tears began to fall. He played in one episode on In The Heat Of The night. Dan is the doctor and coroner. He is a grat guy too.

I am so thrilled to have found a contact to Claude! But at the same time saddened to learn that my direst fears were true and that he is no longer with us. I have loved him since I was a kid when he always seemed to be showing up on TV in westerns, then later would watch his trucking series in South Africa which was dubbed into Afrikaans, which I couldn't understand, being English speaking, but watched it anyway just to see Claude! I wrote to his agent's address about 14 years ago and received a signed photo from Claude, which has travelled with me throughout my many moves in South Africa and now back to England. It still sits on my closet door and I see it every day. I always felt he just had to be a really nice guy and your letters published on this page reinforce that. It must be sad days for his family without him, but maybe a consolation that through his work he brought such pleasure to many others - not bad going in this sad, bad old world!! Thanks, Claude, for being you! You were one special person and as far as Hollywood goes (what do they know anyway) vastly underrated.


After communicating with Claude for nearly twenty years, I finally met him on the set of Battle For The Planet of the Apes. He was in a non-removable mask of a gorilla so I did not officially meet "Claude" face to face until 5:30 pm when the make-up came off.

We have been together at many functions both in California and Seattle and I have always been introduced as "his second oldest fan." The only one that beat me out was "a little old lady from Baltimore. If I have no other claim to fame, I am honored to have this one.

I miss the phone conversations and periodic visits when he was in the Pacific Northwest. And, especially, I miss seeing a lot of his regular television series on the tube. TV Land would be a great place for the reruns......or Nike at Nite. Someone really must get working on this.

Hi I am glad to see that you have a site for Claude I worked with him and doubled him in film. I am enclosing a PIC from location shoot As usual he was the Sheriff and I played one of his deputies and doubled him in the picture. He was a great guy and one hell of an actor never forgot where he came form and was a down to earth as one can be. If you have any questions please drop me a line Keep up the good work


When I was living in Boise Idaho, a friend of mine asked me if I would mind helping to install CB radios and antennas in a couple of rigs at the fair grounds. I grabbed my tools and meter and headed out there, when we were almost through this fellow came up and asked how we were doing. He looked familiar and I asked him who he drove for, my friend laughed and introduced me to Claude Akins. Being a trucker myself, I was very seldom home to watch TV and was quite embarassed that I hadn't recognized him. Early that evening my friend and Claude stopped over at the house and invited my wife and I to a party which we couldn't attend due to having little ones at home. He was a great person to talk to and you would never have known he was a big star. My 7 year old son Jeff went up to him and asked if he was a truck driver, and Claude said "Yes he drove a Kenworth with 903 V8 cummings". Jeff looked at me and asked if that was good and when I said yes Jeff turned to Claude and said " OK your a truck driver" turned around and went back to his room. I Everybody cracked up, the following week when Jeff saw Moving On he yells out "Dad that buddy of yours is on TV. It is an evening I will never forget, he was a great guy.


Put it back on TV Please Movin ON was a very Great Show .Jeff
I am a native of Bedford,Lawrence Co.,IN......the town where Claude was raised, educated and received his first dramatic coaching. I thought you might be interested in a recent article that was published in the Bedford Times-mail. It can be found on-line at:

I never met or wrote to Claude Akins, but I loved The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo as a kid, and I've enjoyed it on the few occasions that I've seen it as an adult. (It seems to have sadly disappeared from syndication.) Strangely, the show was panned in its day by critics as being a smash 'em up, car-crash "hick" comedy in the Dukes of Hazzard tradition, but I remember it as being a funny, inventive spoof of TV police shows. I'd love to see it again (maybe on TV Land, Nick at Nite, or even the Nashville Network), and it would be great if the first season's theme song (sung by Frankie Laine) was included on a TV theme song CD somewhere.
When I was 14 , a TV show came on the air that changed my life from then on. It was Movin'On. It was a show about two truckers and there big shinny kenworth truck. I had known about , and seen Claude on TV for many a year, in different movies and shows. Although I never got the privilege of meeting Mr. Akins, I could tell that he was just one of the guy's, someone you could easily call "Friend" . Well as life went on , I too became a trucker like Sonny Pruitt , a free spirit , never knowing where the big road will take me. I really enjoyed all the work Claude provided all of us with , in TV and movies. I am very sad to hear of his passing. I am proud to be a trucker, and to have had the honor of seeing Claude play the part of Sonny Pruitt, a part that changed my life forever. Drive on "Sundance", keep the shinny side up and the rubber side down,catch you on the flip-flop, may you have good roads through the kingdom of the lord.

Sadly Missed


I just read through the letters and comments about Claude and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. I was fortunate enough to be Claude's cousin! He made our family very proud of him. The only way to describe Claude is to say he was the "real thing". He loved his fans and would go out of his way to make himself available to them. I called on one of my customers years ago while Claude was filming an episode of Moving On. Back then CB radios were the fad. She told me she heard several people talking to Claude on the radio and asking him if they could stop by and get an autograph. She said Claude replied better than that why don't you folks stop by, come on in my motor home and have a beer with me between shots. She said about four cars including herself stopped and they spent about an hour visiting with Claude. Claude's attitude was if you don't care about people and your fans your in the wrong business. It was a real honor to have known Claude and as I said earlier he made his family very proud of him.


No one -- I mean NO ONE -- could punch a guy in the stomach harder than Claude Akins!




He was one of the ones I thought never got enough credit... but still managed to capture the public's eye and hearts .. Such a down to earth Man with that Wonderful Charisma seemed to be about him in everything that I saw
I was happy to find your site honoring Claude Akins. Back in 1957 (when I was 13 years old) our family lived one house away from Mr. Akins at the corner of Welby Way and Royer in Canoga Park California. He was always very nice to the kids in the neighborhood. He had the only swimming pool on the street and he let all of the neighbor kids swim if they would help clean the pool. Once while helping to sweep the pool, I got my foot caught in the skimmer and fell in. Of course, all the kids looked through the TV guide every week to be sure we watched every old western he played in. He had his own mini fan club going. His kids kept leaving bicycles in the driveway. No matter how many times he told them not to, they continued to leave them there. One day when he came home from work, he ran over the bikes. The bikes were never left in the driveway again. I don't think he lived there more than three or four years. He was there when we moved in and I believe he moved away soon after we did in 1958. The last time I saw him was at a celebrity golf tournament in the early 1980s in Westlake Village California.
Great site, It is nice to see that he is not forgotten. My friend's father looks exactly like Claude, and I was wondering if you knew of a site or a way to get the theme song from the show "The misadventures of Sheriff Lobo" any info would be great.
Loved Claude Akins all through the years!a truly great actor.Would love to see the "Movin On"series available.Alot of those wre filmed here in my home state of North Carolina.


Claude Akins and Sonny Pruitt filmed one of the Movin On tv series on my grandfather's farm in Durham, NC. I was approx 6-7 years old at the time but I can still remember quite a bit that happened. I am very interested in obtaining a copy of the series showing my grandfather's farm and home. I know he would really enjoy seeing that after all these years. Do you know how I would be able to go about doing that? I am sure there is a way on the web but I have not found yet since this was a series. Thanks so much in advance for any help you could give me.

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I really like your website on Claude Akins. I was just wondering if you have ever found any videos or books from the tv series movin' on. I watched that series as a kid and would like to have the whole series if i could ever find it. If you know of anything out there, please let me know. Thanks, and keep up the good work on the site!

simply the best, up there with john wayne and the most underated actor ever. God bless from johan , a singer actor from liverpool england

Havi I just happened to come across your web site and thought i'd let you know that i thought it was great. Claude Akins was a very good actor and his legacy should be carried on and thanks to people like yourself it is. I live in a small town called Ball Ground, Ga. which is only about 3 miles south of Claude's home town of Nelson. If you've never been there, it's a smaller town than Ball Ground with a population of less than 1000. The only thing left in remembrance of Claude is the City Limits sign reads HOME OF CLAUDE AKINS, and the house where he was born is still there. A life long resident of Pickens County lives in the house and has for years told me that the last time Mr. Akins came home to do a short film called "Claude Akins" Back Home In Pickens County, Mr. Akins called him and ask if he could come see his birth place one more time. I think that was in 1989. I believe that Mr. Akins knew he would never be back in his home town again. The Pickens County Library has the video clip of "Claude Akins" Back home in Pickens County.

Having watched Mr. Akins for what seems to be a lifetime I will miss his acting. He was a wonderful person and made you feel that his job was just second nature. I am married to an Akins from Ohio and have followed Claude's acting for years.


claude akins was one of my favorites of all times. i loved him in movin on as well as others. i am in a group on in the heat of the night. i asked dan biggers who played doc robb on the show if he was still around. he didnt think so but wasnt sure. now i know and my heart is saddened. i hope the sites on him will remain always for he was a legend to me. this is an outstanding site. i will miss (sonny pruitt)

Hi, It was wonderful to finally find a web site devoted to my all time favorite actor. Many years ago when Mr. Akins was still alive I wrote him a letter and he was very kind to send me his autograph and his personal address in CA. I've always loved his movies and tv series and guest appearances. He is greatly missed but I know he'd be happy to see a group still enjoys him in cyberspace.

Yours, Mary

One of the best character actors I've ever enjoyed! And, I hear that he left for the other side, but; can't seem to come up with any particulars verifying it! He woulda made a fine western star, but they stuck him in comedy stuff Nstead! Hell! He was a fine Character guy! Not a funny guy at all! They did Brian Keith the same way! What aShame!!! I saw one scene where Claude was without a shirt! His back showed that he'd had trouble with either a kidney or lung, a big scar indicated! I have often remembered that scar and wondered if it may still bother him! It was quite a scar! He'd had a trauma it was plain to see! If he's gone to the other side, I'll sure miss him! He was So Good at his Trade! Thanks for your WebSite and Respects to ClaudeAkins!

Old man Lamb

He always seemed to me like he coulda been one of the guys I mighta met on some freight-train during the depression in the hungry thirties, or;somewhere DownByTheTracks!

This man has always been one of my favorites. He seemed like the kind of guy you would enjoy having a cup of coffee with.


i started collecting autographed foto's of actors who have played cops on..t.v...or movies,..claude akins was one of the first a requested back in 1992 and i received..the 8 by 10 on the, i sent him a patch from my agency...he will always be the top cop...of television and his performance in the movie..the night stalker...was great...! ialso have a cuople of snap shots of him from the ..lobo series, and the for the lobo series too..

My name is Barbara Edwards Whitaker.
My Mother Louise Dooley was Claude cousin. Her mother's Bonnie, sisters name was her Aunt Mary Howel, & Uncle Luther Howel her husband. He was a Pastor, & had a Hardware store in Woodstock, GA.
They lived in the 2 story Victorian big White House, right down the road from the train station in Woodstock, GA. (on the same side of the street. Last time I was there, they were turning it into a duplex.
I loved going there by train in the summers growing up.
My great Aunt Mary's daughter was the mother of Claude. He & my mother Louise Dooley Edwards grew up together when they were little in GA.
I do have a couple of funny stories or more.
My mother's brother Ralph Dooley lived in CA & visited quite often. My Uncle worked for Rockwell. He designed the 1st heat seeking missile, then went on to Design with his crew all the 2nd stage of the moon Rocket. Was ask to work on the Moon Rocket, so his family lived in CA for a while, then FL. All the family was very close, & like others say Claude knew all his GA family no matter where they moved.
My brother Gary Edwards & SAGE ( his band, before that Gary & Sherry Edwards & the Embers) Gary was a professional singer headlining the Dunes, & Hilton & other famous spots in Vegas, & all over the world. 60's, 70,s & 80's.
To say all that, to say this.
Gary was preforming in CA, & Gary was invited as a guest by some of his fans to a Golf torment. To Gary's surprise he saw Claude, in the 80's. He walked up to Claude & said Claude my name is Gary, Claude stopped him & said, Edwards Louise's son. I hear you are doing great & have heard your music, you are great. Went on to talk about our mother & our family & of course Aunt Bonnie his Aunt.
Gary was star struck & surprised he knew as much about him as he did. We all were brought up to be down to earth & we all loved our families.
When Claude was doing the trucking series, my husband & I ( Marvin & Barbara Jean) with our 3 children stopped at Wood stock to spend the night with Aunt Mary in Wood stock, GA. She said to the kids, you just missed Claude by 2 days, he & his big truck was here for a week or so. Claude will be so upset he missed you. Our trip was a last minute thing.
My Dad worked on the rail road L&N, so we traveled to GA as children to GA every year to all the Reunions.
My grand mother, & Grand father were from the same Co. Cherokee Co.
When my brother would preform in GA, the Band before Gary came out to do his show would say, anyone here not related to Gary Edwards please stand up. They used to say half of Atlanta was related to Gary. But Aunt Mary, her sister Aunt Dessie, &!Aunt Bertha were always there.
We always loved Claude & so proud to be related to him, Uncle Ralph, & Gary. All three were just like Claude, just down to earth, loved every one, & never changed from a small town, good family & always loved his family & fans.
I was so sad to see when he died.
Momma told so many stories of her & Claude.
One more about Claude: His grand mother Aunt Mary said Claud could you try to play a part that was a good person. He said I have a new TV series coming up & I get to Play a Sheriff grand mother. She was so proud to tell us he was playing a really good person. When we saw it we all laughed.
Still remember getting off the train at Wood Stock, GA, we would see Uncle Howell, Claude's grandfather there to pick us up, & I ran in in the front yard to swing in that big swing tied to the big Oak tree in the front Yard.
So many wonderful memories.
I got a message in Messinger from someone to say they wanted to contact me about Claude, & had heard I was related to him from a friend. Went back could not find it. If any one knows who that is, in Box me again.
You can contact me at this website --- --- they will forward your email to me.

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