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To the Loretta Young fans looking for "The Littlest Angel" recording: a copy can usually be found for auction on ebay.com (I might have seen it on barnesandnoble.com, too).

Does anyone know if "Laugh Clown laugh" exists on video? Loretta costarred with Lon Chaney in it.

I am trying to collect copies of her movies and TV shows. I would like to know if anyone out there who is a fan of Miss Young's or a collector, would know where I can purchase copies of the following movies: Paula, Mother Is a Freshman, Lady in the Corner, Love Under Fire, Love Is News, Second Honeymoon, The Men in Her Life, Ladies in Love and a few others. I also, depending on episode, would like copies of her TV shows--I do not have access to the Nostalgia TV channel.

I recently purchased the 7 Volume Set of 14 of her shows from Critic's Choice (on the internet). This set is also available from Movies Unlimited; it was in the supplement catalog that I received recently. Any fan of hers would love this set--the first tape has a brief bio showing home movies of Miss Young. Each tape is introduced by Miss Young's older son, Christopher Lewis.


I am searching for the recording by, Loretta Young of , "The LIttlest Angel", for a friend of mine. It was original recorded in 78rpm. Do you or any of your readers have any idea at all if this recording is still available and where I might be able to purchase a copy? I am sure that it has long since been out of print, but I would love to find a copy, even a cassette copy of the original would suffice if anyone out there has it.

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