The New Loretta Young Show

Twenty-six episodes 1962-1963

1. Possessive Woman - Paul's Fashion Editor and Girl Friday, Jane, doesn't approve of any woman for Paul, even Christine.

2. Somebody Somewhere - Everyone has a boyfriend and she's feeling left out; so, Vickie invents one.

3. Romance For Everybody - Is romance only for the very young; not according to Christine and Paul as their relationship becomes more serious.

4. Anything For A Laugh - Christine opens her home to flood refugees, a most unusual family of three.

5. A Little Peace And Quiet - Christine escapes a noisy house to write an article at the office.

6. Welcome Stranger - Mr. Gandy lands in jail but is he really the one who's in jail?

7. Suspicion - Paul discovers a reform school fugitive in his cabin.

8. Dugan's Alley - Vickie is arrested for possession of marijuana.

9. It Gives A Lovely Light - Christine must choose between consoling Judy or an important date with Paul.

10. Ringmaster - Christine gives a dinner party for Paul and his boss, Mr. Beebe.

11. Hey, Rube - Christine and Maria are terrorized by a mentally deranged man.

12. Crisis at 8 P.M. - Paul goes into cardiac arrest while undergoing emergency surgery.

13. When You Are Near - Paul and Christine get married and then face a life or death crisis on the way to their honeymoon destination.

14. Interesting Jeopardy - Christine has a flashback to her kidnapping by a sheik.

15. House Warming - The Masseys of Ellendale Connecticut are featured on a live, nationwide broadcast.

16. Second Look - Marnie wants to marry an older man, and Christine appears to be attracted to someone much younger.

17. First Encounter - While in New York to sell a short story, Christine meets a surly magazine editor.

18. Not A Moment Too Soon - Judy's prom is ruined by a bout of appendicitis.

19. Ponytails and Politics - Binkie runs for class president.

20. First Assignment - Christine's article about a celebrity turns out to be entirely too truthful.

21. Two Of A Kind - Christine's twins, Peter and Paul, are troubled by their sameness.

22. Love Willow - An odd but sagacious hobo pays a visit to the Massey household and makes a lasting impression.

23. The Cheat - The twins are caught cheating on school tests.

24. Facsimile - Paul finds a look-alike for Christine.

25. Decision At Midnight - Christine campaigns against a neighborhood adult theater.

26. It's Spring Again - Gossip causes friction between Christine and her neighbor.

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