Loretta Young Remembered

Saturday, the 12th day of August, 2000, Miss Loretta Young, nee Gretchen Michaela Young, died at the age of 87. The following are some of the emails we received from her family and her loving fans.

Dearest Diana and Friends and Fans of Loretta Young......

We thank you....your site is a great way to bring this information to Loretta's fans and friends. This is such a beautiful and loving tribute to mom!

Several months ago, we brought her over to the office and showed her this site and she was so pleased and amazed.

What touched her the most was reading the letters and realizing that her program and the way she lived her life had changed lives! She was gratified to know these stories!

I was blessed to have her as a mother-in-law for 24 years. She was an inspiration to me, everyday, in fact.....every time we were together. She was a friend, a mentor and my other "mother."

As I sat here tonight, reading what all these kind people said about her, I was shaking my head in agreement! She was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, she was charming and funny. Mom had a great big heart and when she spoke to you, her soul connected with yours, it was powerful!

She lifted me up, she taught me so many lessons. But, she gave me the greatest gift of all....that of faith. I am certain that she is in a better place and that we will be reunited one day.

Thanks for all this, it is wonderful!

Linda and Christopher Lewis

Hello! I was just saddened beyond words last Saturday to hear about Loretta's passing-She was a very dear and special person to me-Loretta was always so sweet and sincere in her correspondance and her love for her fans and life, in general, shone through! I'm proud to be a Loretta Young collector, and though this last week has been hard, I know she is in a better place and finds joy in the fact that we remember her shining star!
Jeff Taylor
Just want to express my heartfelt sympathy at this time of Loretta's passing to the "other side"...she deserves Heaven and all it's glory.

May you have consolation in knowing that God has a place of each of us when our journey is through and Loretta was one who walked with Him and will be in those Everlasting Arms for all eternity!

Blessings and prayers to you!


So sad to hear that Loretta Young passed away. What a beautiful and talented Lady she was
I am sad about the death of Miss Young August 12, 2000. She will be missed but not forgotten. Miss. Young was an inspiration to me. Her beauty, grace and memory will go on as long as there is a fan that remembers her. I was very upset to turn on the news and hear of her passing. I watched her biography with great interest and amazement of her accomplishments. I had no idea that she had cancer, not a word in the news. I will miss you Miss.Young, I know you have gone to a better place. You will live forever in your movies and TV shows. Thanks for the inspiration. You just do not find actresses like you any longer. Good bye.
Judy in Va.
Here is the piece I wrote yesterday for CNN:

I first met Loretta Young in Medjugorje, 1988. If you click in the above URL you can read the story how she came to confession to me, seated on a log, outside St. James' Church. Then a few days later, she fell down a step in St. James's Church and broke her ankle. She was determined to go up Podbrdo hill that night for Ivan's prayer meeting. I was one of the six who carried her on a stretcher up Podbrdo hill. We ran the entire ascent in 10 minutes, normally a 20 minute walk.

Only in reading the Medjugorje article today, on the day of her death, did I realize that she had a complete healing that night.

Tom Lewis, her second husband, had died only two weeks prior to Loretta's coming to Medjugorje in 1988. She calls me "Father John" in the article, but then she was recalling incidents ten years previous.

I offered my Mass this morning for the repose of Loretta Young's soul. May she rest in peace.

Father Richard Gant
SOLT Webmaster

When I learned of your death today, Miss Young, I lit a candle for you. I lit it right by the statue of Jesus and His Mother, whom you loved so much. How could I do less than kindle a light to see you on your way home -- you, who for so long brought such light to so many? While, along with thousands of others, I mourn your passing, I am also truly happy for you. For this was your day of glory, the bright moment of which all the other bright moments that adorned your long life were only a pale reflection.

Though you are gone now, in a sense you still remain. True to form, and with your typical charity you have left to us all that was best in yourself. For I have learned over a lifetime that nothing that is noble or praiseworthy, lovely or virtuous ever really dies. Those gracious gifts live on in the hearts of those who remain.

I want to thank you for your grace, your unpretentious elegance, and your utter unapologetic femininity; unstained by the crudeness and outright vulgarity so common among celebrities nowadays. Above all, thank you for the way that you considered having religious faith to be the norm, and for being unembarrassed to give witness to your own, but always with dignity and charity -- in other words, with "class." And so, Miss Young, good-bye. As you meet the One you loved so much while you were here, remember us who have stayed behind and speak well of us to Him. Adieu, Frank -- a Cajun whose heart you touched

I was only a young boy when her TV show came out. I can remember her very well. The thing that impressed me most was the beauty and grace that she always displayed. I am saddened now most of all, to learn that she died of cancer. My partner and I have been working with UCSD to get a clinical trial initiated which if successful, may have saved her life. I will work harder now, because I loved her so, for what she was and how she lived. I pray to God, that she will live forever in the exaulted heavens for time and all eternity. Perhaps I may one day meet her there. Thanks you for the website, thanks for the memories. I will visit again soon.

Randy K. Brown

Click here for Dominic Campisi's prayer for Miss Young

The world has lost a truly beautiful woman,both on the outside and on the inside. I will always look forward to seeing her in movies and television reruns. She has set such a good example by the good life she led, that is the greatest legacy. We will miss her,but know now she is with her loved ones in Paradise and with God in Heaven.
Thank you Gretchen , for sharing your beauty with us!

Joan Gardner

I am so sorry to learn of the death of the beautiful legend named Loretta Young. She was truly one of the greats, a fine actress, an exquisite beauty, a lovely human being. Just this past December, she kindly signed four photographs I had sent her and included a moving handwritten thank you note two paragraphs long and wished me Merry Christmas. It certainly was one receiving such a considerate gesture from a true legend!! In the past few years, we've lost so many of the great beauties of the screen - Loretta, Claudette Colbert, Dorothy Lamour, Greer Garson, Hedy Lamarr among them - but we should count ourselves fortunate they were around for so long and sharing their special gifts. I have collected photos and clippings on our lovely Loretta for almost twenty years, ever since I was a teenager. How heartbreaking to now add obituaries to the collection. I love all her movies, of course, but for me the image of Loretta I will remember most of all is the finale shot from the early Technicolor film RAMONA, as her beautiful face beams in gratitude at the sight of her child as she returns from her husband's funeral. My deepest sympathy to her children, her family, and her scores of fans-friends around the world but what a lovely angel for Heaven!

T.R. Bourgeois

I've been a fan and been recognized for my name all of my 41 years because of this wonderful lady. My name is Loretta Young. My mother had no doubt what she would name her baby born in 1959 if it were a girl, that's me. Today I'm sadden because when people would comment about my name and ask about Loretta Young, the movie star, I'd always show them a picture I have and say she's still alive and tell them how old she is.........now I have to change that and say she lived to be 87 and remained a beautiful, gorgeous woman. May her family cling to the wonderful memories.

Loretta Young
in New Orleans

How can we say goodbye to such a lady. Thankfully, we have her wonderful movies and i adore them all. I couln't even count the times i have seen The Bishop's Wife. Thank you so much for your site so we can all be together in this time
How saddened the news of Loretta's passing. I, too, am a Catholic and know she is being caressed and loved somewhere we can only imagine. I hope that the Hollywood of today can get a grip on itself to remember their morals and bring back those traits to our families of television, movies and entertainment as a whole. I can recall watching her movies as a younger girl growing up. I rank her with the likes of Jimmy Stewart in sincere memories that they were graced to imprint upon our hearts by their God-given talents. I would like to believe, as my own mother has been gone from us since 1983, that she will meet Loretta in heaven and become good friends. I know this is childish sounding but I'd like to believe that heaven is like that. Not everyone born becomes famous in name or attracts the admiration of millions - when we die and go to heaven we are all seen the same. We aren't judged by how much money we had, how much fame and fortune we attained on earth - we are judged by our deeds of goodness bestowed upon mankind. Oh how openly she is being accepted up there with all of our deceased family members! Please don't take my rambling on as foolish as it comes from deep within my heart. I just needed to let someone else (I don't even know you!) know how I feel. Letting go of our thoughts is a most sincere form of communication don't you think? I hope Loretta's children are comforted by knowing that someone ,like myself, will keep their mother in my prayers just as I do for my own mother. Memories are what help us to go on and keep us in track of our own mortality.

Sweet peace with you (an Irish blessing),
Mary Jo

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Miss Young this morning. My thoughts are with the family and friends at this time, for someone of Miss Young's caliber comes but once a lifetime.

Steve Wildman

Thanks for such a great website. I'm very sorry about MS. Youngs passing and this site helped me realize once again how wonderful a film star she was. I believe she was the last of the Hollywood stars who had her start in silent films... another era ended!


She was, to me, one of, if not the most beautiful women in the world who wasn't afraid to grace the screen, without the gaudiness, cheapness and common characteristics today's movie and TV entertainment has brought us. She also brought a certain amount of humaness and dignity to her profession and the Catholic religion, without pride and prejudice.

Patricia S.

I'm sure you must be very sad today, as are we all. I am a neighbor of Loretta Young in Palm Springs. I've seen her around town many times driving her little Chevy wagon, but I haven't seen her for awhile. The first time was one of the great thrills of my life. I lost my own mother May 28th of this year, just weeks ago. My mother and I shared a great love for Miss Young and her work. Still grieving for my mother, I write this message in tears. I hope she finds peace where she is now. I know she attended the Desert Hospital Chapel almost every day, and was a great supporter of her church. God bless my mother, and God bless Miss Young. I pray they meet in Heaven.
Billie Courtright
So sorry to learn of Miss Young's death. Please entend my deepest condolences to her family. She was definately a star!
Sorry to hear about the death of Loretta Young. She was one of Hollywood's greatest stars. She brough so much beauty to the screen and into our homes via TV. It is a sad day.

Robert Waldron

I just heard that we lost one of greatest movie star of our time. It's a shame that we don't appreciate them and honor them when they are living. A lady with great style and acting ability. I just watched two of her movies on AMC this morning and what a lost she will be. My prays go out to her family, they have so much to be proud of and she will be missed greatly. There will never be another Loretta. thank you for sharing her with the public.

pat derickson

I am so sorry about Loretta Young's death. She was and always will be my favorite movie star and television star. I loved her even more because she looked so much like my own mother. I will miss her so much.


We all knew how ill Loretta has been, in our little community of Cathedral City, but of course, we always prayed for the best. Loretta was a member of our parish, St. Louis Catholic Church, and we knew and loved her. She wasn't only an icon of beauty and talent, she was a beautiful woman inside and out. She will truly be missed and always loved. God bless you, Loretta. You will forever stay in our hearts.
I never in my life seen a woman with such beauty and elequency as the actress loretta Young - and age only intensed her elequency.I never met her in person.I did see her in that Christmas movie Christmas Eve.loretta was not only beautiful on the outside-but was beautiful and elequent in the inside
Hearing of the death of Miss Loretta Young this morning at age 87 brought back many, many memories of the wonderful kind-hearted human being that the movie world will surely miss. She was not only an entertainer, but a humanitarian much like the late Audrey Hepburn. May her soul rest in eternal peace.
Her ethereal beauty is enshrined forever in the hearts and memories of all her adoring fans, I am one, and always will be.
S. Bozman
we are all saddened to hear of ms young death from cancer on friday aug 11, 2000. she is in our thoughts and prayers. bill welsh, fan
Thank you for this page on my favorite Tv personality of my preteen and teen years. Her Sunday nite program was a true priority on my weekly schedule. Her protrayals were inspiring and endearing.


When you consider the greatest entertainment stars of all time Loretta Young is right in there. Probably few would say she was the BEST actress of all (although many would argue that she was among the ten best). However, I propose that she was the BEST human being of all the stars. I cannot think of a single actor or actress who did more for other people or served God better. I believe she is now kneeing before God praying for us all.


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