Baby Boomers' Tribute
Miss Loretta Young

Oh, Beautiful Lady, with a twirl you entered our living rooms and glided right into our hearts! Each week for nine years, you were a part of our lives; we grew up watching the talented and versatile actress with the lilting voice and lithe figure introduce and often star in the ensuing half-hour drama or comedy. A Japanese housewife, an Indian Rani, a sultry songtress, Sister Ann, and even Nefertitti were a few of the roles you tackled. We were always entertained; but often came away from our sets with a lift in our hearts and a satisfied feeling that all was right with the world. Some said you were "too good to be true;" to us, you were not only our ideal, but someone reachable, a gracious lady who touched our lives in a very positive and personal way. You belonged to us during that half-hour and when you said, "See you next week?" we knew that we would be there if you would too.

Well, all good things must come to an end; you eventually went on to a more private existence while we began our lives as young adults. And yet, we never forgot you! We now saw your movies on television and, over time, came to realize that the honed consummate professional we had grown to love was a product of those many years spent before the movie camera. Your life took on a new significance and inspiration for us; you were the "American Dream come true." Someone who knew what she wanted, worked extremely hard to attain it and was successful. And, you did it without lowering your standards! Robert Osborne said that someone should "erect a monument" to you because you represent all that was "good about Hollywood of yesterday and today." He is so right.

When you returned in the 1980's to star in the TV movies, "Christmas Eve" and "Lady in a Corner," the years melted away as we laughed and cried with Amanda Kingsley and cheered Grace Guthrie on in her battle with Charles Patrick. You were still our "beautiful lady champion." One reporter, in writing about "Eve" and you, named his article "Championing Old-fashioned Values." Call us old-fashioned too! Another reporter, in reviewing "Lady," described you as "a remarkable tribute to the benefits of clean living, she positively glows with vitality and charm." We were not surprised!

But, we know that you would be surprised to learn of the number of people who appreciate and have appreciated you as the marvelous human being you are. On your show, you presented many stories of individual human triumph over adversity; your "story" is also one of triumph and survival. To us, you are a true "star," a shining example of someone who found her "place in the sun" and stayed there for all to admire year after year. We thank you for the memories and the inspiration that we will carry with us all the rest of the days of our lives.

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