Favorite Loretta Young Movies/Shows

One of Miss Young's often overlooked, but best, films is called "Cause for Alarm." If you are looking for good suspense and a fine acting job, Miss Young delivers both.


My favorite Loretta Young movie is "Rachel and the Stranger"


I have seen many of Loretta's movies. It is hard to pick a favorite but right at the top would be The Bishop's Wife. I also like the Farmer's Daughter. I have just recently purchased The Big Business Girl and They Call It Sin. I enjoyed watching those movies. It is really interesting to observe the styles of clothes that were the vogue of fashion in the 1930's.

I really enjoy this web page. Keep up the good work!!

A fan in Ky.

My favorites movies of Loretta Young's were Ramona and Cause For Alarm.

a fan in Virginia

My favorite Loretta Young movies right now--(three way tie)--are:

Half Angel
Farmer's Daughter
Midnight Mary

My favorite episode--I believe it was called: "The Road" (an hour special about a lady who goes to Lourdes--she has a brain tumor? She does not believe at first (miracles), but is inspired by the people she sees there. This may not be a totally accurate description since I only saw it 38 years ago!)


My favorite Loretta Young Movies are "Cause for Alarm" & "Come to the Stable"
Try catching "A Man's Castle" with Spencer Tracy and "Born to Be Bad" with Cary Grant, both made in 1933, pre-Production code, where Loretta gets to be 'bad' in one and 'good' in the other and she pulls both off excellently.
"And Now Tomorrow"
"Cafe Metropole"
"The Men in her Life"

T.V. episode where a neighbor is digging up the flowers and is caught, but acts as if he's in love with her

T.V. episode where John Newland is her husband and the two see the children they would have had in sculpture-but they ccome "alive" and say what they would have been

T.V. episode as a Japanese lady who serves the fish with the eyes facing the host, and who also speaks about the "big bomb" killing her family


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