Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any current Jean Harlow Fan Clubs in operation. I've had a couple leads, but they have all led to dead ends. Apparently they were active in the 1980s but have since went out of business. Let me know if you have any new information and I'll be happy to check into it and post the details here.

Jean Harlow's fan club in the 1930s was run by Mrs. Minnette Shermak of New York City. Little is known about the club today other than Jean herself communicated with them and that their newsletter was called The Platinum Page. And yes, in case you were wondering, this website was named after that newsletter -- sort of like a new generation being named in honor of its ancestor!

Following is information originally printed in the June 1935 issue of Photoplay Magazine (page 125) regarding the original club:


Jean Harlow tells her club members about her new studio dressing room, in the club bulletin, "The Platinum Page." She writes: "The drapes are of a crepe in what is called 'Ice White' -- the exact shade of the walls. The furniture is antique white tipped in an antique gold. The little French chairs are upholstered in different shades of white, some being quilted satin and others in fine brocade satin."

"In the dressing room proper the chairs and dressing table stool are done in oyster white velvet. The apartment also has an enclosed refrigerator that has the same mirrored panels as the wardrobes, and above that has shelves of white wrought iron."

"Mother gave me a delightful surprise by sending me a complete luncheon set of white Wedgewood, plain crystal glass with my monogram. Well, in all, it is indeed a lovely and cozy studio home, with radio and phonograph combination."

Here's a photo of the aforementioned dressing room. (It didn't run with the article, I found it elsewhere.) Notice the oversized stuffed chair. Couldn't you just cuddle up in it with a good book...or a few of your closest pals? It's gigantic enough! LOL!

Desperately seeking copies of the original Platinum Page -- the official newsletter of Jean's fan club during the 1930s. I'm working on archiving information for a special tribute section and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me out. Email me directly at ~ thanks!

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