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From: "Schafer, Diana  D" <Diana.Schafer@88ABW.WPAFB.AF.MIL>  Save Address Block Sender
To: 'Bob' <dinobil@hotmail.com>
Subject: Manny
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:20:58 -0500
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Here's the email I received from Manny today - 

Thanks so much for the nice letter and the compliments, I will tape as I
told you the two movies for you this weekend and will send them earlie
week. I would like to send you the tapes for you to copy the New Loretta
Young show, how many do you ned ? I think you can tape 4 on each tape.
those shows have the entrance throught the doors ?? or are those edited
please let me know what else you need, but please do not tell anyone
else. I
have been placing a bid for a magazine on EBAY but they also keep
placint it
and I have to wait another 15 minutes to place the last one, lets see if
can get it, thanks again

Dear Bob,

I think he is the mercenary type, so I think our hopes of getting some
of the old shows are almost nil.

Do you think it would be terrible or reasonable of me to ask for a movie
for every two "new shows."  So, if I send him 14 episodes, I can expect
7 movies in return?  (including Paula and Men In Her Life.)?

There is the possibility of receiving another 6 next month some time.
They are being shown this month.  I'm going to send Tiffany an email
asking her to tape without editing if she cannot be home to tape and
I'll pay her $25.00 per tape irregardless of how many are on the tape.
There were only 2 episodes on the last tape.

I am also going to tell him that I only buy the best tapes and expect
the same from him.

Please email asap to let me know what you think.  I need help in
handling someone like him.


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