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From: DianaSchaf@aol.com  Save Address Block Sender
To: dinobil@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: National Enquirer article
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 16:12:40 EST
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Hi Bob,

I'm sending Manny an email right now.  I haven't finished it.  I have emailed
him and he is not exactly a forthcoming individual.  Must be the latino in
him.  Me, you know how I am.  And I thought I told you about my collecting LY
long time ago.  

He, of course, has a lot more memorabilia than I do.  So, he would natually be
reluctant to exchange with another collector.  But, I'll ask him if he would
be willing to make copies for me and sell them to me or exchange for the 17
New shows.  He mentioned that he did not have the new in the card he sent me
with two small pics of he and LY at her house.  In this last email, he said he
was taping the two movies I mentioned in my last email that I did not have.  

Anywho, we probably need to talk about the situation some time.  Hope to get
you on the internet or let me know a convenient time to talk. 

Oh, no I really hadn't thought of sending her a birthday card.   I think you
should send her copies of the webpages.  I really think it was terrible of
Janet Rose and Dominic to send copies of anything from the Webpages without
your permission.  I am glad that you added a pic with your signature after the
bio.  About time.  Hope to talk to you soon.   


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