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From: DianaSchaf@aol.com  Save Address Block Sender
To: dinobil@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Stuff
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 14:34:49 EST
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Hi Bob,

No, my email at work didn't change.  Our server may have been down.  The base
closed at noon yesterday and we had a delay this morning--bad weather.

Manny's pictures were small and not clear.  I would have preferred a closer
shot also.  Obviously it was a disposable or small cheap camera.  Something
like I would use since I would screw up the focus on a 35 mm.

Maybe Dominic will give up--he didn't get to read it on her birthday.  I think
it is rather egotistical of him actually.  ( I think Manny likes ego trips

Manny bid against me on two items and went about it the incorrect way; he told
me that as soon as he bid, someone named luvloretta would outbid him.  He
neglected to read about proxy bidding.  I let him have one of the photos, so
he'll probably be happy.  If I really want something, I bid the max I'll pay
for it right away.  On each of the photos I bid one time only.  He kept
bidding in small increments; Harry says he's cheap.   If I think I can get
something cheap or I don't want to pay major bucks, I'll wait until the last
10 minutes to bid.  Sometimes this doesn't work.  

How much did you pay for the used bat?

One of the ebay items I sent you was for a Diamond--$80,000.  Too cheap to buy
it for Kathy?  Tsk!  Tsk!

What did you and Ed talk about besides Dominic?  It's not that I'm nosy.  I'm
writing a book.  (I know, leave that chapter out and make it a mystery or kiss
my *** and make it a love story.  Retort to second suggestion--okay, but let
me pack a lunch first.  In my case, better pack two meals.)

Vell, hope to catch you tonight on email.  Hopefully I'll be working on


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