Loretta's Family

Hello Diana and Bob:

Thanks so much for referring me to the site again....what an awesome job you have done and just reading all the letters from people who loved mom, well it made my heart lift.

I did show her this site, several times, before she passed away... she was so moved by these letters and the memories shared here.

Can you imagine, living a life that touched people the way her life did, in so many ways?

She was a wonderful mother-in-law to me. We laughed together, sewed, shopped and cooked (not too well)! And we were blessed to have a loving and close relationship for 30 years. I miss her, every day. But I feel her presence around me all the time and I believe she shares the joy of reading these letters, right along with me.

Thank you, too, for doing this beautiful tribute to her.

God bless you and all the kind people who take the time to write these lovely letters.

Linda Lewis

As Miss Young's eldest son... I'm proud of what you've done here on you site. Thank you so much for the tribute...

Especailly thankful to Manuel & Salvador for their wonderful collection. For many years they have been friends with Mom, loved her deeply, and endlessly collected memoribilia... then cataloged it with great precision and accuracy... Thanks for giving them a stage on which to show the love they both had... especially Salvador... for my wonderful Mother.

Keep up the good work, and prayers for her.


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