Honeymooning in Mexico, Tom soon found out what it was like being married to a movie star, even in a foreign country. Attending bullfights in Mexico City, Loretta was selected as the lady to throw the traditional corsage to the matador. What followed was pandemonium. Amidst all the cheering, large crowds of people started shoving their way toward the box in which Loretta and Tom were standing. Fortunately, the security people had already stationed themselves strategically and Loretta and Tom were spared from what could have certainly been a life-threatening situation. As for Tom, he loved the attention.

Returning to New York, the newlyweds settled in a Park Avenue apartment with three bedrooms and three baths. The first week there, Loretta felt surprisingly disoriented. As Loretta Young, movie star, she had been to New York many times, taking it all in stride. As Mrs. Tom Lewis, she was afraid to go out the door. Tom lined up some lunch dates for Loretta and she soon came out of her shell.

****** four years after Tom and Loretta married.....

The first film that Loretta did under her deal with International was a western comedy, ALONG CAME JONES, with Gary Cooper in the title role. While that was in production, pre™production for THERE GOES LONA JOHNSON was underway. The story of America's first woman doctor, it was just the kind of role that Loretta craved. However, just as ALONG CAME JONES was wrapping, Loretta discovered, much to her delight, that she was pregnant again. When it was confirmed that she was already four months pregnant, she assumed the studio would postpone the picture until after the baby was born.

Instead, she and her agent were called in to meet with the studio's board. They made it clear that if Loretta was more interested in having a family than furthering her career, then they would have to cancel her contract. Put another way, either she abort the baby or she would be dropped. Loretta looked at her friend Bill Goetz, but he couldn't look at her and turned his head away. She looked at her agent and he too was looking away. She then addressed the Chairman and asked, "Is that all?"

He responded, "Yes" and Loretta simply got up and left the meeting. Later that day, she responded through her agent that in no way would she terminate her pregnancy. That was that, but it would take several months to negotiate the ending of her contract.

It was July 15, 1945, and Loretta and Tom had returned home from a party at Claudette Colbert's only an hour before when it was imperative to rush to the hospital for the arrival of the new baby. There wasn't time for the Labor Room; Loretta was rushed straight into Delivery. Loretta remembers hearing, "It's a boy," and, thinking that Tom would be thrilled, drifting back into unconsciousness.

The next time she woke up, there were no more harsh lights, no more pain, only a quiet peacefulness and a marvelous sense of having accomplished something wonderful. She looked at her new baby, Peter, and he was perfect. That feeling of contentment would stay with her for the entire day. In her deepest heart, she had always thought that she was put on earth to be a mother, and at that moment, a new baby seemed like the most important, the purest reason for her being alive. It was the happiest day of her life. For those few hours, her husband, their child, and Loretta were truly in a world of their own.

The above excerpt is taken from Chapter Eight of Edward Funk's unpublished book "Loretta Young: Journey of a Hollywood Soul"

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