From Chapter 5:

At age twenty-two, Loretta was a big enough star to question these decisions(the roles assigned her), which she did when Zanuck ordered her to report for location shooting for CALL OF THE WILD. This story not only emphasized the male lead, but it really revolved around the St. Bernard dog, Buck.

Nevertheless, Zanuck won out and Loretta boarded the train for Mt. Baker, Washington, just north of Bellingham, where the location filming would be done. A friend of Sally's, Frances Early, accompanied her as a companion. It was on the train where Loretta first met Clark Gable. Careerwise, Clark Gable was riding high. At age 34, he would be presented an Academy Award the following Spring for his role in the very popular IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. In his personal life, there were rumors that the state of his marriage was fragile. Ria Langham Gable, a wealthy divorcee from Texas, had met Clark Gable, seventeen years her junior, when he was performing on the New York stage.

Gable's pursuit of Loretta began immediately. Loretta wasn't particularly surprised; by now she was used to getting that kind of attention from her leading men. She found him very attractive, possessing a pure male animal instinct over which he had complete control. There was something dangerous about him that was appealing, and of course, she found him marvelously good-looking. Add to that his charm and humor, and Loretta found him hard to resist.

From Chapter 6:

The tables would turn a month later when it was Loretta who would get a surprise phone call from Ria Gable. Studio shooting had wrapped on CALL OF THE WILD, but rumors about Gable and Loretta continued to swirl, and Mrs. Gable had an idea on how to put them to rest. She was giving a cocktail party for the press, and if Loretta would also come, surely they would see that no one had anything to hide. Loretta, knowing that she couldn't carry it off, respectfully declined. She was in much too fragile a state...

The above excerpt is taken from Chapters Five and Six of Edward Funk's unpublished book "Loretta Young: Journey of a Hollywood Soul"

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