Incident in the Second Grade
For the time being, Mama's love could erase any problem. Loretta tells a revealing story, "The first one out of the house was the best dressed and the most completely dressed. One day I went to school without any socks on. Sister said, 'You go home during recess and get some socks.' When I went outside I saw Mama watering the front lawn, and I started to cry, and ran up to her and threw my arms around her legs. I had been embarrassed. Apparently, even then, I couldn't take too much disapproval; it cut me to the quick. Mama said, 'Come on, we'll find you a pair of socks.' I can still see her. She had an apron on, and she had it turned up and tied around because she wanted to keep even the apron clean. Her hair was very soft. She was smiling and she kept patting my head, asking me not to cry. The reason I recall this incident is because of the warmth I felt just with her being there. I knew she'd solve my problems and I wouldn't be scared any more."

The above excerpt is taken from Chapter Two of Edward Funk's unpublished book "Loretta Young: Journey of a Hollywood Soul"

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