Husband Jean Louis

: What could be said of her marriage to Jean, unlike her previous two, is that she entered it with total honesty. By that time in her life, Loretta knew herself well enough to realize that she needed to be the lead horse of any team, and in regards to Jean's needs at that time of his life, that was fine with him.

As it turned out, their life together often bordered on the idyllic. During those years, Jean was able to give to Loretta a wonderful example of someone who lived in the present. One day, he was in their garden, just behind the pool, and he appeared to be studying a yellow flower. Intrigued, Loretta came up behind him and asked him what he was thinking. He replied that he was just thinking how beautiful the flower was.

The above excerpt is taken from Chapter Nineteen of Edward Funk's unpublished book "Loretta Young: Journey of a Hollywood Soul"

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