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I seem to be looking back and remembering. The years go by so fast and I wanted Ms. Young to know that I for one thinks she is what you think of when you think Class and a Star. To give so much to so many that have so little and to be able to do this over and over is quite wonderful.

I just wanted her to know I think she is grand and she has given me much pleasure.

Thank you for having a website so I can say so.


Happy Birthday

What a lovely woman and actress. Many more and Happy, health birthdays.

Jo Ann

Hi,I just want to tell you what a wonderful page you have. I just watchedCall of the Wild by Gable and Young. Loretta is so beautiful. It's awonderfulmovie. Where did you get all her mag covers? That must be a lot of hard work. Congratulations on such great site.

Keep it up!

I came across your site recently and think it's terrific! I've been a fan of Loretta Young since I was a child and saw "The Farmer's Daughter" and "Rachel and the Stranger" on the late show. (My folks allowed me to stay up later than normal if a Loretta Young movie was on.)She impressed me with her charm, beauty, and wholesomeness and my opinion of her hasn't changed now that I'm an adult.
Hi - my name is Holly, and i have been a huge fan of Loretta Young since i first saw her swirl into my parents livingroom every Sunday night.!!! What a Beauty!!! I could hardly take my eyes off of her. Since that time, i have seen practically every movie Loretta Young has ever made. Thank you for a great Website on a beautiful, beautiful woman!!!
Loretta Young's radiant beauty and innate style make her studio portraits truly works of art.

No other motion picture actress has so consistently complimented and enhanced her costumes and personal attire in such an elegant and natural manner.

Miss Young, please know that you are truly, truly loved by your many, many fans.



W.W., Retired Capt. Northwest Orient Airlines

I am so delighted to finally find a Web site devoted to the greatest actress ever! I have so many wonderful memories of watching Miss Young's television series each week.

My favorite episode concerned her visit to Lourdes( I don't recall the title). Would anyone know of the name of this episode and if it is available to purchase? I also have a vague memory of an episode in which Miss Young is about to marry, but she gets cold feet at the last minute and doesn't really know why---am I just dreaming this up, or does anyone remember this?

I have never written a fan letter before because I too wanted my very first one to be to the BEST actress in the world. I hope Miss Young checks her Web site and realizes how very much we appreciate her beauty and talent. I have been able to find a set of Loretta Young TV episodes which I truly treasure, but I would love to find more. I will continue to check this Web site to read other fans' comments---I am so happy to have found others who appreciate this wonderful lady.

Thanks to all who have put this together--keep up the terrific job!!!!


Dear Miss Young You have know idea what your web page has done for me. Ever since I was a child ( I'm now 54) you have been the only actress that has given me such joy to watch. You remind me every day what beleiving in GOD does for the heart and soul. It has gotten me past some pretty bad times.


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Dear Loretta,

Of all the movies you've done the one which is still my very favorite Movie of all time and a Holiday favorite...THE Movie of all times is "THE BISHOP'S WIFE" ...I do believe you and the rest of that cast Individually and collectively captured it pure escence of what the true meaning of Christmas, past and present is and always will be...

I have 2 married sons and 4 grandchildren whom I love dearly...My gift to them last year after a year of Serious Illness, was a Video for both families of THE BISHOP'S WIFE.

I thought long and hard to decide the one gift I wanted them to have to remember me for many years after my death and that was my decision....

I want them to remember me at holiday time with the viewing of that film and the happy memories of our Christmases past together..and to know how the true meaning of Christmas will never die...

Thank You for the many years of wonderful memories.......

You have been such a blessing to so many others through your work and your life...My wish for you is:

As Cary Grant's character, Dudley said of Jimmy Gleason's Character, Sylvester, the cab driver, (and I Para-phrase), " He will be truly Blessed, and his children, and his Children's Children shall rise up and call him Blessed..."

Merry Christmas, to you and your family and many many more...

Grayson, Ky.

Give Loretta my fondest regards....the Site is wonderful I love the pictures.....I do believe she's the most beautiful woman in the world.....She's so very special.....and gifted...I feel so privleged to have lived in the same time as she....her work has had a profound effect on my life and many other's lives too....

Hello. I am also a very big fan of Mrs. Young. I love her movies and her TV show. I have introduced her movie's and show's to my wife and now Loretta is her favorite actress.

I am also a collector of boxing movies and boxing theme TV shows. I have the movie 'THE LIFE OF JIMMY DOLAN" and her TV show "THE COUNT OF TEN". Mrs. Young mentions in the opening of count of ten that she did a show a year earlier with EDDIE ALBERT called TIGER TIPTON. I have been trying to find this show through video services across the country. No luck.

I was so surprised today to find this web site. ... We were so excited to see her picture in Palm Springs Life Magazine at a church event. It made my wife and I feel so good to see her in the magazine and as beautiful as ever. I was hoping when they were showing all the actor's and actress's at the academy awards who had won Oscars that she would be there. Mrs. Young truly deserves a special Oscar for her career achievements. Being one of the most special ladies that both TV and movies has ever had. This web site has given me hope that my letters to the academy of arts and sciences will be bombarded with this most deserving request.

In today's world with values and morals slipping away. I remember Mrs. Young's show and what it represented. The message it gave people. We were so lucky the some of us who watched as children to see the God giving goodness that came out and try to apply it to our young lives growing up. I know some of it stuck with me and the saintly image of how Mrs. Young always appeared to me. She had a way of reaching your heart from within and leaving you with a message to remember and hold on to. Well, I still hold on to the memories and everytime one of her movie's plays it all comes back. What a lady. A true angel sent from God to deliver his message. God bless Loretta Young.

There are those wonderful stories/tributes to Miss Young, the celebrated and gifted actress that graced both the movie and television screen. I'm right up there with them in extolling her class and charisma (who can ever forget those magical moments watching her sweep through the blowing drapes and into our lives on TV?).

My story is a bit different. I had the great good opportunity to meet her in person in a venue that one probably wouldn't associate with a MOVIE STAR!!! At the time (circa Christmas 1980) I was employed as a paramedic in Tulsa, Ok. There was a Christmas party being held for police, fire department, emergency medical personnel, and media representatives (her son Christopher was a local TV news anchor) at a local eatery. Rumor circulated that LORETTA YOUNG would make an appearance and, of course, most all of us scoffed at the very notion that THE LORETTA YOUNG would (1) be in Tulsa and (2) would make an appearance at what could honestly be described as somewhat less than "Hollywood A-List."

BOY---were we wrong!!! About an hour or so into the festivities MAGIC HAPPENED! It's trite but it's true---the doors opened and in swept this stunning woman! She was gracious, she was funny, she was class beyond compare. She LOOKED LIKE A MOVIE STAR and acted like the lady next door. To this day I remember it---her standing at the bar and literally holding court. She would ask what you did and then proceed to tell you about an experience she had had with whatever specialty you were in. She was wonderfully funny and her laughter was from the gut and sincere. And you know what else---you just knew she was talking to YOU. As I said, she was elegant--even regal. I still remember the plaid tweed suit she wore with this wonderful scarf that was thrown across her shoulder. I was 30 about then and I fell in love with this bright, classy, and at times bawdily funny LADY! When the time came for her to leave we all just spontaneously stood up and cheered her out the door. THAT WAS A CLASS ACT!!!!

My last remark is why has this national treasure not been recognized with a Kennedy Center Honor? She is so very truly deserving.


Thank you for creating such a lovely tribute to Loretta Young. She deserves to be appreciated! I appreciate her values and the fact that she has stood by her principles. She is a true lady, and a good role model for women everywhere. Please send her my best wishes and heartfelt appreciation for her remarkable life and career.


I just wanted to say she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen


When I was young in the 40s, my sisters and I often went to the movies three times a week. Now most of those films are on AMC on TV and I have the chance to tape them and watch them over and over. So many of them are Ms. Young's films. One of my favorites was Because of You with Jeff Chandler. To me she will always be "Marvie". How I still love that movie. Loretta Young has given me many happy hours, and still does. Thank you Loretta. You are very much loved.


Thank you for this web site. It is an honor to be one of the fans who has followed Miss Young for about 40 years, and it has been heartwarming to read other fans' memories of her. I share so many of them! I cherish the letters that I have received from her over the years. I am a fan whose memories will always remain alive and be part of who I am.

How lucky we are to have today's technology to help us to relive so many of Loretta Young's contributions to the film industry, but even more than those contributions to the film industry, I have been impressed by her standards of conduct, which have seemingly faced all of life's human frailities, and still allowed her to triumph and to live on in God's grace. What a model! What a true human hero! As she ended her T.V. show, so would I like to end my comments with a favorite quote of mine from the German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke:

"Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky."

I probably will never "meet" Loretta Young in person, but I have met her through her public life, and I feel as if I do live side by side with her, and that her examples have helped to make me a whole human being.

Kathryn, VA

Thank you for the pleasure of reading about one of my favorite people in the movies.

I remember a Loretta Young Show where her husband was having a mid-life crisis and wanted to leave her for a younger woman. She, as the wife, wooed him back with love and a new bathing suit. She said at the end, "A wife's duty is not to see thru her husband's faults, but to see her husband thru." I've lived by that motto and it works.


Loretta Young is my favorite actress. i am searching for the book An Extraordinary Life.


Llke most American's I have always been a Loretta Young fan. I have fond memories of her great TV series, The Loretta Young Show. Our entire family watched it faithfully each week.

My grandma was dear friends with Loretta for probably close to 50 years. She, (Gladys A. Hunter) was a miliner and worked for the studios, and many desingers including Jean Louis and Gallanos. My grandma loved Loretta for her grace, friendship and class. I remember going to her home once with my grandma when I was probably only 5 or so. I think I walked around the house with my jaw on the ground the whole time.

I just want to thank Loretta for being so kind and caring to my grandma. She passed away in 1995 at the age of 95 from cancer. We miss her dearly!

Caroline (Hunter) Johnson

Congratulations on your wonderful Loretta Young web site. I have always enjoyed her movies - I especially like "Rachel and the Stranger" with William Holden and Robert Mitchum, and "The Farmer's Daughter" with Joseph Cotten.

I am a big fan of Jack Lord, and I think Jack appeared on the Loretta Young Show once. Do you have any information on where I could get a copy of this episode? I know her show is now on the GoodLife TV channel, and I am checking the listings regularly, but I thought maybe a fan would have it on video. Any assistance you may offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I wonder if you can help me. For years I have been looking for the record of the Littlest Angel. It was narrated by Loretta Young. When I was about 9 years old and very lonely I had been given an album for Christmas. In it was the story of the Childrens Hour by Henry W. Longfellow and The Littlest angel narrated by Loretta. I would go to sleep listening to it Some how the record was broken and I was unable to replace it. If you know of anyone that could get me a copy I would greatly appreciate it. As many times as I have heard the story told or seen it on television, it just doesn't move me like the way Loretta Young told it. She made me feel like I was there. I want so much for my grandchildren to experence the story before they are to old.
My love for Loretta Young started with that record and has continued to this day
Thank you for any help that you can give me in this matter.
We stumbled on your web site. we love loretta and all her movies.
H. S. and family

I have been a fan of Loretta Young all my life. I have watched many of her movies and I watched her TV shows when they were on in the fifties and sixties.
I have collected many articles have many pictures of her.
I was thrilled when I learned that I could order the 1932 movie "They Call It Sin". It was a thrill to watch a movie that she made in 1932.
I have tried to bring up this page several times since I found it and wondered what had happened to this page.
Thanks for providing this page for those of us that have loved and will always love this wonderful actress.
I have loved Loretta Young all my life. She is and always will be the greatest actress that the movies ever produced.


Loretta was a prisoner but able to call two men about to race horses over to her window. The men had each bet on the other horse so neither one wanted to start racing. She told them to switch horses!
V.M., with thanks to my very favorite of all time actress.

As a young girl I remember having and listening to a christmas album narrated by Loretta Young and my very favorite one was I believe called The Littlest Angel or Drummer, her voice was so soft and pleasant it made you feel just like you were there watching it in person. I lost the album when it was ruined from a flood and I have never seen or heard it since. I remember the picture on the inside of the cover was her coming down a beautiful staircase in a gorgeous white evening gown. She was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen!
I wish I could hear this story told by her again but I have no idea how I might come across one of these albums again. I have probably seen every single movie she has ever been in and I can't think of one I didn't enjoy.

Thank you Loretta Young for all of the memories.


As a klutsy ten-year-old girl in the 50's, big teeth and big feet, I was enthralled at the image of grace that wafted through the door on her program each week. Now, at the age of 52, having come into the Catholic Church just over twenty years ago, perhaps I better understand from where her inner light emanated. This is Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ--the Light of the world. I feel so blessed to have received some of that Light that Loretta Young has reflected for all these years.


I have been a Loretta Young fan since I was 10 years old. I have seen nearly all her movies. I watched her TV show every week. Sometimes my mother would make me go to bed before the show came on. I usually put up such a fuss that my mother gave in and let me watch.

I was sorry to hear that Miss Young's husband died recently.

I have been and will always be a devoted fan.


I have always enjoyed the work of Miss Young. She is one of the great ladies of Hollywood. I'm so glad that other people recognize her talents too.

A fan in Virginia


I wish I had a way to honor you. You have given me postive feelings about people.

If there is ever a reason that I appreciate e-mail, it is now. You are a treasure. You were a part of my past that gave me great delight when I watched your television show. Now that I am beginning to realize how short life really is, I want to thank you for being a part of my present.

I pray that you will always remain the beautiful person you are. I speak of the joy you have shared, not just what we see in a mirror. I will thank God tonight for the opportunity to write you whether you read this or not.

You are so special!

I just left the television where the A&E channel presented the biography of Loretta. I was very impressed with her beauty outside, but more with her beauty inside. I'm sure when God looks down on her, he smiles.

Really enjoyed your site about Loretta Young. I am 50 years old and grew up watching The Loretta Young Show and watching her movies.

I agree that she is wonderful and one of the most beautiful and talented ladies in the theater.

Thanks for your site.


My earliest TV memory is of a beautiful lady of grace descending a stairway her petticoats rustling as she floated across the floor and through a set of double doors. There she told me about the story she was presenting for that day. It is a memory I carry with me each day and is the measure of what true beauty and elegance should be. Having grown up in the appalachian mountains I had never seen anyone like her before and she was so real.. I thought she was talking just to me. I became a successful hairdresser and make-up artist in Dallas, Tx. with a degree in art focusing on portraits. I know that my professional life was heavily influenced by Miss Young.. I was never one for fads or trendy glamour. I knew that classical beauty is timeless as was my dream lady.. Miss Young. Of course I watch her films whenever possible and each time her TV show returns I am glued to my television as enthralled as I was over 40 years ago with her grace and talent. It has been my dream for years to write her a fan leter and I have never written one to another actor because I want my first to go to her! If anyone reading this can send me an address it will be much appreciated, I would love to thank her personally for all the wonderful moments she has shared with us. Eternally Yours.. Michael
As a young girl I had the opportunity to see Loretta Young's radio show. Her co-actor was Allen Ladd. I believe the name of the show was China.
I sat in the third row as a guest of Loretta Young's hairdresser or personal employee. Her name was Edith. She was a friend of my mother's. I remember I took the Crenshaw bus to Hollywood Blvd, where Edith picked me up for the show. It was the biggest thrill of a young girl's life. I remember Loretta Young looking up and waving to me and Edith. I was so enthralled with Loretta. She has such grace and class. Something you don't see anymore. A beautiful lady.
Hello Loretta.Have admired you for a long time. You were always such a beautiful lady-- in the truest sense of the word.

God bless you ... Love

She is the greatest, as an actress and as a person.
In the late thirties, my mother was Loretta Young's movie double. They looked so much alike that during a radio show, Bob Hope introduced my mother, Margaret Bryson, "... as the poor man's Loretta Young." Recently, I read an article regarding Miss Young and her current life in Palm Springs. As I looked at the pictures, it was as if I was looking at my mother. Until the day my sweet mother passed away, she was constantly mistaken for Miss Young. They could be twins. I wish Miss Young a beautiful birthday and hope that her days are filled with happiness. Sincerely, Marla
I simply adore Loretta Young!! None of the actresses of today can even compare to her. I love everything she has starred in. I am in the process of trying to locate her biography. I would love to write to her but have no address of course. I hope she is still in good heath. I think the academy awards should award her their lifetime achievement award, she certainly deserves it.

Thank you ever so much for starting this website, I have been looking for one devoted to Loretta for a long time.

Keep up the good work, it's great to see that someone appreciates the real artists of our time.

Thank You,

We just recently watched the program on A & E about Loretta's career. Brought back many good memories...remember watching her television show with my parents.

Happy Birthday, Loretta!

From a Fan in Illinois

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