Quotations: Loretta Young

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It [her television show] exemplified a quality we have always associated with Miss Young - the indefinable characteristic we call class. Miss Young lives today in Southern California and if she should happen to be watching, may I be a surrogate for the millions of people all over the world who would like to say, 'thanks' ". -- Nick Clooney, AMC (American Movie Classics television network)

In 1998 the A&E cable network's Biography Program featured a one hour show on the life of Loretta Young. Some noteable quotes from that show follow: "She remains a symbol of beauty, serenity, and grace. But behind the glamour and stardom is a woman of substance whose true beauty lies in her dedication to her family, her faith, and her quest to live a life with purpose." -- narrator

"She's certainly one of the people that having worked with made my life richer. She's a great, gracious lady" -- Hugh O'Brian

"Dignified, beautiful, and strong, Loretta Young is one of Hollywood's true leading ladies."

"In a day and age where fame often equals infamy, Loretta Young set an example, not only for the famous, but for people everywhere."

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