Israel Putnam Genealogy

The following is a partial Putnam family genealogy sent to us by Mr. Peter Scott Drake, an Israel Putnam descendant. We invite others with Putnam genealogy information to submit it to this page.

Hello Putnam seekers,

The following is a partial genealogy starting with Israel Putnams' great grandfather and running down to myself as provided to me by my great grandmother Georgiana Putnam Drake.

John Putnam, 1580-1662,Bucks England to Salem 1640

Thomas Putnam, 1614-1686

Joseph Putnam, 1669-1724

(General) Israel Putnam,1717-1790 (I've also seen 1718 as birthdate on a link to this site)

(Colonel) Israel Putnam, 1740-1812

David Putnam Sr., 1769-1856

David Putnam Jr., 1808-1892

Peter Radcliffe Putnam, 1835-1863

Israel Putnam, 1862-1942

Georgiana (Putnam) Drake, 1884-1978

Putnam Drake, 1915-1981

Peter Radcliffe Drake, 1938-2002

Peter Scott Drake, 1963

I have quite a bit of interesting genealogical material that was handed down to me. It is kind of humbling to me to know about these giants on whos' shoulders we stand. I think we owe so much to them for helping to form this great country of ours which daily we have the choice to love, leave or change for the better. Anybody see huddled masses yearning to get out? Didn't think so. Patriotism is a virtue I think "Old Wolf" would still practice if he were alive today.


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