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"... like the majority of domestic violence cases, women are the majority of victims in murder suicides by despairing spouses unable to cope with the stress of caregiving. As women statistically have longer life spans than men, they are the most likely targets of physician assisted suicide. The majority of euthanasia advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s victims have been women. If assisted suicide and euthanasia are sanctioned choices, how many women will feel pressured to choose them?" ... Serrin M. Foster, Executive Director, Feminists For Life of America

"It wasn't many years ago that almost everyone accepted that infanticide is intrinsically and inherently wrong," wrote Smith. "No more. With personhood theory and the 'quality of life' ethic increasingly permeating the highest levels of the medical and bioethical intelligentsia, we are moving toward a medical system in which babies are put down like dogs and killing is redefined as compassion."... Bioethicist Wesley Smith

"Surely the very last people who can make calm and balanced decisions about life and death are those who are in pain and those who are close to them. Anguish and emotion are powerful factors and they make for a gripping story. But by their very nature they obscure clear thought."... Canadian writer Michael Coren