Fanjeaux Presentation October 2008

Overview of the Fanjeaux Experience

Fanjeaux Village

Dominic's Birthplace in Spain

Albigensian Heresy

Life and Work of Dominic

Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic

Montsegur, a Cathar Stronghold

Top of Montsegur

Memorial to the Jews and Others Who were Deported to Death Camps

The City of Albi

Albi's Seven Deadly Sins

Cordes, Carcassonne and the Cave Paintings of Niaux

College Nights at Fanjeaux

Paris in the Springtime

Hubbard Book Signing March 2006

Introduction by Professor Deborah Frattini

2006 Book Signing Excerpt - Organization of the Book

2006 Book Signing Excerpt - Letters to Survivors

2006 Book Signing Excerpt - Gone With The Wind, Donner Party, 1930s Criminals, Voting Rights

2006 Book Signing Excerpt - Old West Lawmen, Silent Films, American Revolution

2006 Book Signing Excerpt - Civil Rights, Thailand, Supreme Court

2006 Book Signing Excerpt - Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations, Lassie

Book Review on Dr. John H. Lienhard's Engines of Our Ingenuity PBS Radio Program

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