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Is it possible to locate a television film with Maurice Chevalier taking the viewer on a tour of his house, La Louque? I admire his films such as Gigi and Can can and was reminded of the film of his house and the tour. Is this film available?


I am trying to find out some information about Maurice Chevalier's Stage Show when it came to London, probably in the 60's.
I recall my mother going to see it. She returned with a signed copy of his book 'With Love' which I now have. It is also signed by someone else whose signature I am unable to decipher. It looks like 'Fred ....... ' or possibly 'Ted'. My recollection is that my mother got it signed by someone else involved with the show and if I could find out some more information about the shows he did in London I might be able to trace who else signed the book.
Any information you have or other sources you could point me to would be very helpful. I have been researching on the internet but have found nothing that goes into enough detail about the London Stage Show.
With thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Response from one of our viewers:
Were you able to answer this Margaret's question below about the signature as I think I have the answer? Maurice was probably accompanied by the pianist Fred Freed.

I am searching for the French words for Maurice Chevalier's "Thank Heaven for Little Girls". Might you be able to help? Je cherche des paroles en franšais pour la chanson de Maurice Chevalier (Thank Heaven for Little Girls) du film Gigi. Pourriez-vous m'aider? Merci en avance. Sincerely, Jay
please help!!! As a child I always loved listening to Maurice Chevaliers version of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" but for the past several years have been unable to find a copy of it. If anyone has any idea where I could find a copy, it would be greatly appreciated!!
I bought 1 tape of Maurice singing show songs. On it was Some Enchanted Evening, Thank Heaven for Little Girls, I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, Get Me To The Church On Time. These were all on one tape. Do you know the name of that tape?????????? Looked everywhere cannot find this particular one. Was it a dream????
Hello, I was wondering if you know of a song that Maurice Chevalier sang and it goes like this...Hello Beautiful, how'd you get so beautiful, where'd you get that sunshine in your eyes....There is a artisitic group that preforms around the world called "StrangeFruit" and they use that song and do a lovely show in a vaudville style of their work. Could you possibly direct me if you know of the song. Thanks Barbara
Recently, i saw a picture of this woman in a, ripleys 'believe it or not' book, demonstrating her flexibility. The picture i saw of her was dated as being from 1937,and i found myself wondering if she was a direct relation to maurice chevalier, who has a biography here? She was listed as being one of the family of chevalier acrobats.
If any additional information can be obtained about lorraine chevalier through 'ripleys', i would appreciate the knowledge. I was amazed at the picture i saw of her from 1937. I thought that perhaps if she is remembered for doing this show of flexibility 66 years ago, that there would be something more for her......
Thanks for your reply ;)
I love Maurice Chevilier.
I espically like the pictures he did when he was young.
Can you tell me is he full blooded French and do you know his mother's maden name.
Thank you.
While living in San Francisco, California 1995-99 I would listen to a radio station ( whose call letters I can't remember ) every Monday morning when they would sign on the D.J. would play a song that M.C. sang . It was about waking up and feeling fine , walking to work across the park , or something like that . If anyone has any info as to where I could get a copy of this recording please e-mail Thanks . Kerry
Hi, my name is Pablo, from Dominican Republic, I want to know about Maurice parents, what were their names? when and where did they died? did he got married? did he has childrens? what were his childrens name?


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