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I met Bill Boyd, Hoppy, in the Airport at Colorado Springs, Colorado inthe 50's and he talked with me and gave me a silver coin with his image on it and said to me, " son, if I give you a silver dollar, you will just spend it and it will be gone, if I give you this personal coin of me, you will keep it and someday it will be worth a lot more than the silver dollar will." Needless to say, I still have his coin, have no idea if it is worth anything or not, but to me it is worth a great deal as a reminder of our encounter, I saw him again in Wichita, KS., later when he was promoting a film or series and representing a milk company in Wichita. I am a distant relative, so I am told, connected via the Thompson/Boyd/Law line in Ohio and Iowa, am still working on the connection. Would it be possible to get a copy of his family tree or birth place and parents?

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>Howdy! I'm a cowboy reenactor and western fan from way back. Glad to >see that you are a Hoppy fan as well. I have a modest collection of >Hoppy videos etc.--including a viewmaster reel made in the early >fifties. I assume that you know about the authorized Hopalong Cassidy >newsletter. If not, write to Hopalong Cassidy Newsletter 6310 >Friendship Drive New Concord OH 43762 9708 for more information. > >Also, drop by my site when you have the time! Happy trails! Teddy >Blue >

Nice page you have here. My recollection of Hoppy is that for their time, they were the best stories and intelligent acting coupled with humor. He is definitely my favorite western hero. I saved the ends from the Bond bread wrappers as a kid; they had all different pictures of Hoppy and Topper on them! The license plate on my Lincoln Town Coupe is BAR-20 Sincerely VK

See Jerry Rosenthal regarding Hoppy Land videos. jerry@hopalong.com

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